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  1. Northj

    LH Mathews z3

    Great bow have had it for years as a back up bow. Has 29 inch cam on it set at 70 pounds. I also have a 27 inch cam to go with it. It has ABB strings. Shot very little. Asking 300 obo.
  2. Northj

    Mystery Ranch pop up 28

    I’ll take it.
  3. Northj


  4. Northj


    I tried sending you a PM. Im interested in the Glock 43x shoot me a pm when you get a chance.
  5. Northj

    Youth bow

    I do also have a LH Bear here is a pic and specs.
  6. Northj

    Youth bow

    I have a diamond edge RH. Was my son’s bow when he was younger. Let me know
  7. Northj

    Classic Remington 700 30.06

    Pm sent
  8. Northj


    Pm sent
  9. Northj

    2020 LH bear.

  10. Northj

    WTB 45-70 Brass

    I might have a few laying around I’ll take a look and see what I haves
  11. Northj


    I did, It’s the exact same gun that I have just didn’t want to dig it out of the safe.
  12. Northj


    I bought this new a year ago. It has had 25 rounds threw it. Looking to trade for a 30-06.
  13. Northj

    2 rifles for sale.

    It was great to meet you sir
  14. Northj

    2 rifles for sale.

    Both guns are SPF!