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  1. Northj

    Bear wild

    Weekend bump
  2. Northj

    Bear wild

  3. Northj

    6.5 Grendel AR15 SOLD

    Where are you located?
  4. Northj

    Bear wild

  5. Northj

    Bear wild

    2017 bear wild shot very little. Has a trophy ridge react 4 sight. A rip cord ace arrow rest. Will make a great starter bow for someone. I’m located in Phoenix. 200.00 last price drop before it gets put up in the shed.
  6. Northj

    ISO hunting rifle

    I told him to go buy new. He wanted me to ask on here.
  7. Northj

    ISO hunting rifle

    Hey all my buddy got drawn for deer for the first time!! He is search of a rifle. He has a budget of 400 bucks he lives in the Phoenix area. Let me know what you have I will get you in contact with him. Thanks.
  8. Northj

    96 Chevy K1500 4x4 Ext Cab - SOLD

    Really nice rig!!! If I had the funds I would!!
  9. Northj

    Primos Soft Bow Case -Sold

    Message sent
  10. Northj

    PSE Brute Force 2016

    Good shape fully adjustable draw length. has a rip cord ace rest, trophy ridge react 4 sight and red limb saver accessories been shooting this bow a couple years now been fighting the hole right handed but left eye dominant crap so I’m going to buy a left handed bow and start over. Asking 400 or would trade for a left hand set up let me know located in Phoenix.
  11. Northj


    Hey all! I have a 1 gallon freezer bag of 9mm and a I gallon bag of 223 brass and a couple sandwich bags with 300 win and 308 the other bag has some 44 mag 10mm and 40 let me know if your interested we can work something out. I’m located in Phoenix.
  12. Northj


    Pm sent your way
  13. Northj

    Bowtech carbon icon

    400 for the bow
  14. Northj

    Bowtech carbon icon

    New 60x strings light weight shoots great 29” draw 70lbs all black looking to trade for different bow. This bow is just not comfortable for me. bare bow only. I’m in Phoenix