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  1. Red Dirt

    My dads buck

    Awesome buck! congrats
  2. Red Dirt

    Wife’s 2020 buck

  3. Red Dirt

    Son's first archery bull

    Congrats to all!
  4. Red Dirt

    My first archery kill-velvet OTC solo

    Congrats on a great buck! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Red Dirt

    Archery Goat Down

    Awesome buck! Congrats!
  6. Red Dirt

    Cool footage

    That is crazy! Probably a once in a life time experiance!
  7. Red Dirt

    Bear hunting rough start

    Man that's rough! Good luck next week.
  8. Red Dirt

    Two Bears, One Pond

    Very cool! That can get your heart to pumping!
  9. Red Dirt

    Criminal Bear

    I'd pay $5000 to see one of them tree huggers try to remove it!
  10. Red Dirt

    BLFF2020GEARUP Gives you 50% off on Badlands

    The code worked for me. Never used Badlands but figured I'd give it a shot for the price
  11. Awesome gun. Great deal.
  12. Red Dirt

    .243 for mulies?

    .243 all the way!
  13. Red Dirt

    Kaibab 12a West Early Rifle

    Congrats on an awesome tag.
  14. Red Dirt

    One of those years . . .

    That's awesome! I bet its fun watching them this time of year.
  15. Red Dirt

    Badlands 1/2 price sale thru July 19

    Thanks man! Just used the code and got some great gear at an awesome price.