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  1. Red Dirt

    Cowboy games

    Wild and Woolly!
  2. Red Dirt

    Montana lion

    That's a monster! Congrats
  3. Red Dirt

    san carlos bear rug

    Awesome rug! Congrats
  4. Red Dirt

    My daughter's second pig

  5. Red Dirt

    Pig Down

    Awesome job to all involved! Congrats
  6. Red Dirt

    A Garand Javelina Hunt

    Sounds like an awesome hunt. He's a tough little man packing that gun around.
  7. Red Dirt

    Can you say “MASS”

    Wow!!! Very unique buck!
  8. Red Dirt

    Beautiful morning for a ride

    Its a beautiful time of the year! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Red Dirt

    NM unit 24 coues

    I had the late tag this year. It was a rough hunt! Never saw a decent buck during season. It is very thick with trees and hard to glass.
  10. Red Dirt

    What would you do with 21 points?

    Burn some points and go hunting. I think you have some great options.
  11. Red Dirt

    Son's first javelina

    Awesome job! Congrats to him!
  12. Red Dirt

    2019 Late Whitetail Deer Hunt

    Great buck. Thanks for sharing, Congrats
  13. Red Dirt

    Dec 2019 Rifle Coues

    Nice buck! Congrats
  14. Awesome buck! Congrats
  15. Red Dirt

    Uno mas for my "Lucky Kids"!

    Congrats to both of you