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  1. Red Dirt

    Happy Birthday America!

    HAHA nothing to hide here. I did a test a couple of years ago and was amazed at what I found. I've spent hours on Ancestry.com linking it all together. From Revolutionary war casulties, to a US Senator, to multiple direct relatives fighting on both sides of the Civil War (even POWs on both sides). I highly recommend people digging back into their family tree.
  2. Red Dirt

    My Lion mount

    Wow! A lion with a shotgun! Awesome story and an amazing mount!
  3. Red Dirt

    New Mexico desert sheep

    Congrats on the tag!!! Looking forward to following this thread!
  4. Red Dirt

    One of those years . . .

    Congrats on some awesome hunts! Keep us updated this fall
  5. Red Dirt

    A little velvet action this am.

    Counting down the days! Thanks for sharing
  6. Red Dirt

    Happy Birthday America!

    Thanks for sharing some of your family history, its very neat. I love history and have began to trace my family tree as well. It's very interesting!
  7. Red Dirt

    Tonto National Forest Stage III in effect. (Closed)

    This totally ruined my plans!
  8. Red Dirt

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    Still no charge. Guess I'll have to start dreaming about next year.
  9. Red Dirt

    Anyone draw nm unit 23 ?

    Awesome buck!
  10. Red Dirt

    2019 Whitetail Poacher Voted Dumbest of 2019

    It amazes me what some people will post on social media and think they won't get caught.
  11. Red Dirt

    Wyoming draw results

    Nothing again... Congrats to all that got a tag
  12. Red Dirt

    Solo kaibab Bison Hunt with help

    Awesome hunt! Congrats and thanks for sharing
  13. Red Dirt

    Colorado Mule Deer options

    While everyone was focused on burning points in the 3rd and 4th season, I was able to grab a great archary tag with minimum points! Congrats to all that got a tag!
  14. Red Dirt

    my 2019 12aw late mule deer

    Awesome buck! Who did you use in TX?
  15. Red Dirt


    Not good at all. Need a good rain.