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  1. gunthenbow

    Vortex optics ssp tripod $100

    Selling my vortex optics ssp tripod $100. I 623-499-8113 if interested. Thanks!
  2. gunthenbow


    That is one of the most bizarre photos I have ever seen. Does anyone have the phone number of the wildlife manager for region 1? (Pinetop)
  3. gunthenbow


    Excellent info, Biglakejake. I was wondering if this would be the case. At least I have a chance to help create relationships with landowners in the area. That is always a plus. Either way, I'm excited to be able to at least get out and hunt elk this year. AZGFD just got back to me on their actual map for the boundaries. it is pretty much the same thing I already posted. I will attach it. St Johns Hunt Area Portion of 2A,B,C.bmp
  4. gunthenbow


    Hi all! Harvested my first coues deer last year. This year, my wife and I put in for elk and didn't get drawn after our 4th year - typical. However, we also put in for left over tags and what do you know? I got the St John's cow elk tag located in and around St Johns, Arizona. From the few hours research I have already done, I'm fairly positive this is a new hunt which is pretty cool. I will attach a pic of Onx to show the area boundaries (I was unable to find a map showing the boundaries anywhere so I plotted it myself). I was number 12 of 15 cow elk tags permitted and this hunt lasts from 7/31-8/13. It's a limited opportunity general hunt. Through E-Scouting and dissecting the AZGFD website I have a few general starting points but having never been there I would love some pointers from anyone who has hunted the area or near it before. I am planning on scouting this weekend thanks to the virus. 😁This will be my first elk hunt ever and I am excited to say the least. I have a turkey hunt coming up but all I can think about is this cow elk tag haha. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks guys!
  5. gunthenbow

    WTB Badlands bino harness

    I'm looking for a bino harness that will fit vortex 12X50s. If anyone has one, shoot me a message at 623-499-8113. Thanks! -Corson
  6. what size binos will the harness fit up to?
  7. gunthenbow

    Vortex bino harness

    what size binos will it fit up to?
  8. gunthenbow


    This would be perfect for my 12x50's. If it comes with the straps that go around your back as well, I will do $50. I live in Tempe and I am free today or tomorrow. my phone number is 623-499-8113. shoot me a text or give me a call. Thanks! -Corson
  9. gunthenbow

    vortex cantilever 30mm ring 2 inch offset - $50

    mill and southern in tempe. shoot me a text at 623-499-8113
  10. SKB bow case. Held my wife's compound bow in it for a while. Protects your bow and up to 24 arrows plus rangefinder, release, etc., from all the elements. Latches are metal and rugged. Inside dimensions are: width 15", length 49.5". Great for most longbows and some compound bows. $99 obo
  11. up for sale is a vortex cantilever mount 30mm ring 2 inch offset. Brand new. Never been used. Great for any tactical rail on an AR-15 or any other gun. Retails for $89.00. $50