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  1. I am putting this question out there. I would like some recommendations for Deer Guides. I have had some bad experiences (supposed to be the top guide for Strip), and some great experiences. Since the draw results will come out in a week or so, lets have a collective discussion and share some past experiences. My son drew the early rifle Kaibab tag so I am looking around for recommendations.

    Hunting guide recommendations

    After speaking with lots of hunters and the forum here, I called Duwane and I am going with him. I will provide a report after the hunt. My son and I are excited!

    Hunting guide recommendations

    I called Duwane and am going with him as a guide. From others I have talked to, and a bunch of guys here on this forum all recommend him. Maybe I will see you in his camp

    Hunting guide recommendations

    Yeah, I am still not over it. I am 6 points now, so I am relying on luck for my next tag or another 15 years. I am going to call around and I do plan on calling Duwane Adams

    Hunting guide recommendations

    Thank You... I have been told to go with Duwane Adams from some other guys.

    Hunting guide recommendations

    I had a 13B strip tag a few years ago and went with A3. They talked a good talk but gave me an inexperianced guide, he didn't know the area, hadn't hunted the area he was "assigned to hunt", went 3 days without seeing a deer (doe included). All the other hunters around us killed huge bucks, we were the only ones not to do so. The only buck I was able to put in my scope was a small 2X3 on the last day. I could go on and on all day. Needless to say there went 15 years of waiting for a tag and $9k down the drain. Tried calling A3 after the hunt and was being avoided for a conversation with them.