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  1. mrmlwhite

    WTB 22 lr or 22 mag revolver

    Pm sent.
  2. mrmlwhite


    Pm sent
  3. mrmlwhite

    WTT/WTB: Small Rifle Primers

    Looking for small rifle primers. Willing to trade 500 large for 500 small. I have either CCI 250 or Winchester WLR for trade. Thanks, Matt.
  4. mrmlwhite

    Looking for a grader.

    Call Chase Smoot. (435) 225-0123. He’s n the East Valley and does great work at reasonable prices.
  5. mrmlwhite


    Congrats. Be prepared to become addicted.
  6. mrmlwhite

    Towing Behind a 5th wheel laws?

    In AZ it is doable. 65 feet max. First trailer must be a 5th wheel. Both trailers have to have electric brakes and combined both trailers cannot exceed the tow capacity of the truck. I’ve noticed AZ cops seem to be lenient on overall length, but CA cops will pull out the scales and tape measure in a heartbeat. Don’t expect to be able to back it up, so plan your parking accordingly. If your 5th wheel is newer, you will probably void the frame warranty by doing this.
  7. mrmlwhite


    Mr. Lawrence, thank you for all that you and your organization do on behalf of wildlife and sportsmen alike. It is much appreciated.
  8. mrmlwhite

    Last Grizzly in AZ

    If memory serves me correctly, on US 60 just east of Springerville there is a big plaque on the south side of the road recounting the story told by Leopold that the last Arizona grizzly was killed on Escudilla, with Escudilla visible in the background. Don't know if its true or not, but it is a very scenic spot.
  9. mrmlwhite

    Which Tires?

    Use to be a big fan of the Toyos. Have recently switched to Cooper Discoveries and like them better.
  10. mrmlwhite

    Tag Donation

    Highly recommend Tom and his organization if anyone else find themselves in this position. They are doing some incredible work. With any luck, I'll be able to help give back through them, too.
  11. mrmlwhite

    Tag Donation

  12. mrmlwhite

    Tag Donation

    Yes, he purchased PointGuard. As we understand it, it has to go to a qualified nonprofit organization. We are looking for an organization that is not only qualified, but respected by the hunting community. Of course he could always just surrender it to AZGFD, but he'd like to think he helped a vet or terminally ill child with it.
  13. mrmlwhite

    Tag Donation

    Let me introduce myself as a long time follower of this great forum. I'd like to thank all those who contribute and provide valuable insight. It is for that reason I reach out to everyone today. I have a family member that drew 23 late bull tag this year who is not going to be able to hunt. He'd like to surrender the tag to a charitable organization and retain his points. As we've never been down this road before, can anyone provide me with a referral to a quality organization we can contact? Thanks!