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    Badgers, anyone?

    This reminds me of something I read in a book on cowboy wisdom that stuck with me. " Never rope a badger because they don't drag to death and don't give your rope back when you're done messing with them."
  2. If you can find it buy it. With a big IF. It shot super well out of my cva. But after 2020 I gave up and switched to 777 loose powder, it's not as good as blackhorn but it's better than nothing and consistently available and you still have more control over your load than pellets. Also make sure you buy 209 shotgun primers not muzzleloader primers.
  3. Smarty programmer for 03-09 5.9 cummins. Economy mode really helps stretch that 6 dollar diesel. Box is a little beat up but tuner is in good condition $300 7mm rem mag. Figured out what my gun shoots best so I'm thinning the herd. Winchester powerpoint 25 rounds 150 grain- $50 18 rounds 175 grain $20 Box of 20 winchester brass free Remington corlok 6 rounds free Swift high grade scirocco 14 rounds 150 grain $50 Federal nosler accubond 160 grain 15 rounds $40 Barnes 140 grain ttsx 17 rounds $40 25-06: 17 rounds hornady custom 117 gr btsp $25 23 rounds Winchester Silvertip 85 gr $40 Full box rem corloks 100 gr $40 Precision hard core picatinny rail with level for savage 110 round top, never used $75 Women's Salomon hiking boots size 7.5, never taken outside $100 3 redhead turkey decoys and hs strut calls, taken out once $20 I can meet about anywhere in Gila County. I can also ship.
  4. Sparks

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    In Miami az you go to Dicks Chicken for their burgers and Burger House for their Mexican food. Both are top notch.
  5. Sparks

    Wtb 20ga longbeard shells for wife.

    This kind? If so pm me, I have one box.
  6. Sparks

    GAMRIN inReach MINI

    Pm sent
  7. Sparks

    Who is raising beef

    Weanling steers are going for 1.75-2 bucks a pound right now at auction. Plus feed, I'd say you'd be in it 2000+ to get a steer to 1000 pounds. Finished beef depends on who you get it from and how proud they are of it.
  8. Sparks

    Any electricians on here?

    Just a couple thoughts. 1 double check your breakers, old breakers have a tendency to trip without switching to the tripped position. 2 if a neutral wire came loose it can cause strange things to happen like having voltage but nothing works. Also a gfci won't reset if it doesn't have power to it.
  9. Sparks

    WTB Muzzleloader

    I have an optima with the quick change plug. I can send pictures when I get off work if you're interested.
  10. Sparks

    7mm Rem Mag ammo

  11. Sparks

    Game Cams Are Helpful?

    Back east it's not about finding them, it's about age and growth potential. This one looks like he needs a couple more years to reach his full trophy potential.
  12. I was looking through the regs making my wish list and noticed the date for the 22s ml hunt was 9/10-16 then, the week before archery starts. 22n is the same and these are the only two units that are that way, struck me as strange.
  13. Yea...if my dumb a$$ would have looked closer before opening my mouth I would have realized that. I deserved Lance's answer.
  14. Sparks

    Draw odds

    Toprut has a pretty god website, but its always a couple years old if you don't pay for it. It doesn't seem change too much for antelope though.
  15. Sparks

    Name that bird

    Its a snipe. We used to hunt them as kids. Never caught one though.
  16. Sparks

    Old Roman Nose Bucks

    I'm curious what his teeth look like, probably worn down to nubs
  17. Sparks

    Hail Mary Elk Hunt

    Great bull and great story, thank you.
  18. Sparks


    " Should we tell mom the horse came back without dad?" " Nah, I'm sure he's fine."
  19. Sparks


    Me when the wife takes me to a new restaurant and I find out they don't serve beer.
  20. Sparks

    Unit 22 south cow?

    I've seen elk on the hilltops where the forest service thinned the trees on either side of the 87 below payson. You could also hit dollbaby road and the roads that peel off to the south of it. Just don't shoot one on the north side of the road😉
  21. This all started when I decided to switch from pellets to blackhorn powder. I shot myself out of hornadys working up a load and then discovered all the stores were sold out! So I bought some t/c shockwaves in 250 grain with the mag express sabot, they were very accurate and grouped well out to 300 yards, so I was happy with them. Fast forward to the third day of my 2019 m/l elk hunt and I find a shooter bull bedded across a canyon, l creep to 290 yards and lay my crosshairs on his, take a breath and squeeze the trigger. The bull barley flinched! He and his cows looked around for a bit then went back to chewing their cud. A minute later he stood up, walked a little deeper into his tree an laid back down. We'll shoot I missed. Work my way down the hillside a little farther so I have a good line of sight on his shoulder again. 256 yards and this shot hammers him! He died in less than 10 minutes without leaving his bed. When I got to him I noticed a lump on his side, so I pulled out my knife and dug out the bullet from my first shot, completely intact, and didn't even knock the ballistic tip off. The shot was too far back, missing the vital organs. I never found the second bullet, but it took out both lungs. So my question is: has anyone else had this happen to them? Was it just a fluke or was I asking too much of it to perform at that range?
  22. Sparks

    New .277 Sig Fury

    "That's an experiment"