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    Lets See Them Kids

    Our hunts are good BUT There is nothing better than hunting with kids. Lets see them I will start with this one, My oldest daughter, Danielle
  2. Being New I Look At Some Of The User Names And Wonder What Is Behind It. What do you guys think about starting a thread telling the story behind your name?
  3. Here are some pictures of my cartridge collection Hope if anyone else has a collection they will post it up. And if you have something I dont maybe we could do some trading. I placed a 22 bullet at every 10th on to help separate them. 444 Marlin 32-40 Win 280 Rem 30-06 Sprg. 7MM Rem Mag 270 Win 25-06 Rem 303 British 30-40 Krag 7MM Mauser 7.62X54R 25 Roberts 308 Win 6MM Rem Opp's somehow another 7Mauser 243 Win 30-30 Sized to 7-30 Waters, ready to Fireform 284 Win 7MM-08 Somehow I missed putting a 7-30 Waters in there 30-30 225 Win 7.62X39 223 222 221 Rem Fireball 22 Hornet 218 Bee 17 Ackley Bee 22 Mag 22LR 45 Colt 44 Rem Mag 44-40 44 SW Spl 41 Rem Mag 357 Mag 357 Mag Snake Shot USAC 38 Spl 38 Spl 45 Auto 45 ACP Western Cartrige Company 40 SW 7.65 Tokarev 38 Auto 38 SW 38 SW Colt 380 Auto 32 Auto 25 Auto
  4. GameHauler

    RV 101

    The recent posts got me thinking that maybe a thread on RVs May be helpful to the members. I do not claim to be a expert on RVs But have been in the business for a while and have owned my own shop for three years. I was thinking that you guys could PM me with your Questions And then maybe once a month or every 2 weeks or maybe once a week depending on the interest I could pick the most common question and try to answer it. What do you think?? Mike Rim View RV
  5. GameHauler

    Burnt Horns

    I was wondering what happens to sheds when there is a fire I have been doing quit a bit of scouting and shed huntin in some of the fires and controll burn areas. My thought was that with all the under brush burned away they should be easier to see. I haven't found any old chalkies or anything. Are the Forest Circus boys finding them as they build the piles or are they burning up? Mike
  6. We all enjoy seeing BIG animals and beautiful mounts but lets face it, most of us are still hoping We have some nice mounts in the trophy room but nothing really to write home about if ya know what I mean. Best one we have is Linnea's Antelope at 76-7/8 which is not BIG but what a fun time with a 10 year old Now how about the critters we chose to display but jut don't make the room. The first picture is of my first 3 Bulls that rest above my desk in the garage (MAN CAVE) The top Spike is my first ever Elk hunt and in unit 4a. What a great learning experience as it was also the first for my partner. Pretty proud of pulling it off with no help from someone in the know The 4X4 is one of a Bull I passed several times on one those Great years that only happen once in a while on the tough Nov. Archery hunts. This Bull came in again on day 13 which is normal for me to harvest on He gave me a good shot, felt good holding the bow and it was Meat in the Freezer The 5X5 is my first Archery Bull and I was so Happy I drove everyone in camp crazy My old 43 Willys made about a 1 minute trip out of a normal 10 minute, beat the crap out of you 4 wheel trip and a 3 minute drive on dirt road into 30 seconds God I love the memories The second picture is of a couple bucks that brought back Buck Fever I had lost since I was about 10 years old Not going to go into details on this hunt but all I can say is: I would have sworn they were both OVER 100" What Fun And thanks to my good friend for making it so. Last picture is of a couple of really happy to have critters. The top one is a Bull I never thought I would have a chance to hunt for. It was taken in 2003 on the last day but was after the same week I Harvested My Desert Bighorn, so it's nothing short of a nice last day Bull. I may have never had a chance for it had it not been for a good friend who was also on the Sheep hunt. Thanks Dick Below, that is Linnea's First Bull. Her second Bull pushed my 5X5 out of the room and above my desk Good for her but watch out kiddo, my time is coming and I will work HARD to put you to shame Lets see what you guys have displayed that "didn't make the room"
  7. GameHauler

    Having a Yard Sale *** CANCELED****

    Just talked to Gino: Because of his work load he has postponed his yard sale. His internet is down right now so asked me to post this.
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    I would like to get a better camera but not break the bank doing it. Dougs photos really have me wanting to take better pictures but can't afford the equipment He has. Any input would be appreciated.
  9. GameHauler

    Message From CnS

    Got a text from Gino last night. "Need to tell all the "happy horn hunters" to me careful out there... Just glassed up 16 bulls and only 2have dropped both horns and only 2 more have dropped one... The rest still packing bone... and Colton killed a 6' ratler today with 4"s oh buttons!"" G. Be cautious and a bit early to push the bulls out of their range.
  10. GameHauler

    Happy Birthday Red Rabbit

    Happy Belated Doug
  11. GameHauler

    need Help hard core vehicle recovery

    Let me guess; At the nasty uphill where I guess the truck is still rolled down over the hill to the left? Either that or on the long down hill which is not bad except it is on the north face so no snow melt. Yes I have been to Edwards Park. Yes It has a 8000# winch can go front/rear or on roll cage.
  12. GameHauler

    Archery Mulie

    Gots Ta love it when luck is on your side. Good job my friend now go climb that ladder.
  13. GameHauler

    Coues Deer

    Good Job Larry Is that one of the ones you were thinking of? No brainer for sure
  14. GameHauler

    OPENING PIG HUNT / pics added Jan 5

    Good story Tom. Congratulations on # 32 You would be the king of Pigs Bud Leave him alone Peg, You know he won't listen
  15. GameHauler

    A Little December Success!!!

    +1 Nice bucks +2
  16. GameHauler

    GRONG turns a year older today!

    Happy Birthday Oh mighty orange one. You be a day and several years behind But your catching up
  17. GameHauler

    Jeremy Ulmer and late rifle coues hunting

    Busy day bud and drove by a few times but I will stop tomorrow and kneel at his majesties feet. Flipp'n toad
  18. GameHauler

    Toy Hauler Bed Gear Box (GEAR)

    ADD picture, I may be able to help.
  19. GameHauler

    Happy Birthday Gamehauler.

    Thanks everyone. 2010 and 49 were very different than past years. Most was great Looking forward to 2011 and 50
  20. GameHauler

    New Payson sighting

    White Dodge 4X4 Regular cab with large white tool box. Large sticker in back window. Just drove by my shop on West Phoenix St.
  21. GameHauler

    1995 Jeep Wrangler V8

    I wish
  22. GameHauler

    Looking for RV storage prior to Elk hunt

    I think most are full but here is a couple. I used Pine cone several years ago and found them the most affordable. I may have some room but just can't say at this time. Pine cone RV storage 928-474-2017 Rye mini storage 928-474-6658
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    KAIBAB Bucks and "HD" 200+" 7x7

    I'll post tomorrow but for now am speechless. WOW
  24. GameHauler

    Colors of West Fork

    Make that 12. Is there a discount on a dozen Just kidding my friend.