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    Swap fishing on the Kenai River for hunt info

    No. I just fish there a lot. Know any good hunting spots here? Or just curious?
  2. I have a boat and a cabin on the Kenai River in Alaska and will swap out some fishing time on my boat for some hunting information (good spot to hunt) or a hunting partner. I'm here for the season and have a motorhome and pickup truck and am hunting alone. email thejacks@gci.net Max Jackson
  3. themax_ak

    skeleton canyon update?

    I took an 18 ft toyota motorhome through the Pinery Canyon from Portal to the Chiricahua Natl Monument once and as I remember it, it was pretty skinny at times. Think I can get my 40 ft Rambler through there? Anywhere else in the Chiricahuas I can get in to? Where are the Pedegrosas?
  4. I'm new to the forum, but not to bowhunting (46 years). I hunted skeleton canyon for several years before they put the gate across the road. I'm trying to get access from Snure Ranch, but haven't been able to get the telephone number yet. I heard it might have been bought by a Derrick Garland, but no confirmation yet. I am retired now, so can finally hunt the whole month of Janurary. If I can't get access to Skeleton Canyon, I'm looking for a new spot to hunt. I have a motorhome, pickup and trailbike to get me to where I can hunt. I also have a cabin and boat on the Kenai River in Alaska and will trade out some King fishing time for some good info on where to hunt coues or mulies. I'm hunting alone, so would also welcome company. I can still get up the hills pretty good, but it is always nice to have someone know where you are.