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  1. Oldgraybeard

    Unit 10 youth cow hunt

    Yea I thought Friday was the 10th😐
  2. Oldgraybeard

    Unit 10 youth cow hunt

    I believe the hunt is October 10 through the 20th.
  3. Oldgraybeard

    Unit 10 youth cow hunt

    Hello, I am new to this forum. Was searching unit 10 youth advice. Came up on the site. Was wondering if anyone out there had any good advice of where to start. I have two kids that drew for cow in unit 10. I didn’t grow up hunting so we struggle a bit hunting, my son has gotten a deer a couple years ago. My daughter hasn’t gotten anything I would sure like some advice on where to show up and at least see something It sucks when you go and you don’t see anything. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.