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  1. Danger_Close

    Kowa 664M Dual Spotter 30x + magnifiers vs 20-60

    I wish I had one of each to field test... maybe I'll but one of each and return the one I don't like and post a review. I feel like the Magnifiers might be the better option, as they would take the 30x to 48x, and I've read that the 20x-60x zoom eyepiece only really works out to about 45-50x anyhow.
  2. Danger_Close

    Kowa 664M Dual Spotter 30x + magnifiers vs 20-60

    I dont have the bracket yet. Looking for one of the flatline brackets.
  3. I'm in the process of setting up some TSN-664M Dual Kowa spotters. I've gotten the word that the 30x Wide is the way to go regarding eyepieces. Has anyone ever tried the 1.6 magnifiers(would take the 30 to 48x zoom)? Compared to the 20-60 eyepieces? Cost is irrelevant. I would assume the magnifiers weigh a bit less than the 20-60. Any experiences or suggestions? I ask because the BTX magnifier dims the image and reduces clarity a bit. Thanks!
  4. Danger_Close

    WTS: Kowa dual spotter bracket

    Where can I find this mount? I tried googling Flatline... no luck. Thanks!
  5. Danger_Close

    kowa 664 dual spotter

    Still have this guy?
  6. Danger_Close

    WTB kowa 664 bracket

  7. Danger_Close

    WTS Vortex Kaibab 20 x 56 HD

    Brand new Kaibabs for sale with all of the accessories(tripod mount, strap, etc). Sent in my older ones for a repair and Vortex sent back brand new ones due to an issue with my old pair's diopter. These are the 20s, not the 18s. $1200