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  1. Hullensian

    Seeking advice from north country archers

    I agree. I would definitely like to get more stalks in. Finding a buck to stalk is the challenge. I know how to do the glassing game down here in the open country. But I’m curious how y’all find the deer up north. I saw some off the road last November going back and forth to my Elk hunts and they seemed to be in cuts or gullys around oak thickets.
  2. Hullensian

    Last minute field day, HEALP!

    I called the AZGFD also. Dude said if your youth has their license and a print up of the online test having been passed they’re good to go.
  3. Hullensian

    Seeking advice from north country archers

    Thanks catfish. PM sent.
  4. Hullensian

    Anyone wanna join me tomorrow?

    Love those pics. Thanks for posting em.
  5. Hullensian

    First archery coues

    Nice Bucks! Nuthin like huntin with your old man.
  6. Hoping to start a discussion on technique. Ive had a little success spot and stalk couse with a rifle. 3 years into archery hunting and I’ve spotted but not successfully stalked anything with my bow down here in S. AZ. spent 3 days in 6A M, T, W but had no idea what I was doing. Country was mostly flat (few cuts and small rises) with lots of tanks a riduculous amount of elk and some 100-200 foot high hills. Mostly tall ponderosa with some dense patches of oak. Didn’t find much deer sign in the flats, sat a couple tanks one evening and one morning - nothing but elk. last morning (0800) walked up a hill and found some fresh deer scat and tracks heading higher. It appeared as though a couple had bedded in a large (20x20 foot) opening 1/2 way up the hill then woke up and walked up hill? my novice N AZ hunter friends (they’ve had no success either) say they still-hunt but I know the odds of that are really low (according to Robbie Denning). so the question is simple how do y’all do the north country mule deer archery thing when you can’t spot and stalk? Or do you just find country you can spot and stalk up there?! thanks guys. Ive read as much of this forum as I can and it has been a great help.
  7. Couple weeks back was standing in front of a huge juniper stretching from the morning glassing session with the sun behind the juniper and I see this fox come trotting up the hill towards me. He doesn’t see me since the sun is behind me and the juniper. It looks like he’s got a huge chunk (as big as him) of burned log in his mouth. At 30 yards I go for my phone to take a video for the kids, he sees the movement, freaks out drops the thing in his mouth and takes off. When I go to see what it was it was the entire head off a yearling elk. Maybe been dead a day or two. I moved up ridge a bit and would alternately check the head as I was glassing and he and his buddy kept trying to sneak in there to pick it back up but never felt comfortable enough to break cover.
  8. Hullensian

    Groupings are off. Need help.

    Thanks y’all. Everything was tight so I’m gonna take the scope off and send it back in. See where we end up.
  9. Could us some help from the smart guys. Got a TC 300WM synthetic stock stock gun vortex 30mm picatiny rings mounting a vortex diamondback 4-12x40 scope. Last hunt I dropped it a couple times scrambling across hillsides. Nothing that felt like a big drop but it seems off now. Always shot the same ammo and could count on sub 1 inch groups at 100 but even off a bench with a lead sled I can’t seem to get em under three inches now. So the question is where do I start with the troubleshooting? Thanks all.
  10. Hullensian

    Dies for sale

    Nite man. Good to meet you. I’ve still the the others left if anyone needs em.
  11. Dang - nuthin. Well, here’s to luck for deer tag.
  12. Hullensian

    Dies for sale

    It’s the last of the gear I’ve been attempting to clean out for a friends reloading shed. I’m not a reloader yet. I’m trying to use what I can of his and buy what is broken etc... so I’m sorry if I can’t answer knowledgeably about what I’ve got here. But I’m pretty sure what I’m offering here are all complete sets. I would be happy to check it over for you send more pics, etc... 2 piece lee 7mm tcu 2 piece Herters 32 win 3 pc rcbs.357/.38 sp 3 pc rcbs 30-30 wcf 4 pc lee 30-30 4 pc lee .357/.38 sp 4 pc lee 45 apc 3 pc lee 30-30 wcf 2 pc Redding 222 remington $15 a set for the lees, $20 a set for the others. I’m in Gilbert. Thanks
  13. Hullensian

    Backpacking Sleeping bag recommendations

    I’m a big fan of the quilt option too. Super lightweight and small. Hammock gear 20 degree quilt with a Nemo tensor insulated sleeping pad. Ran it on a late October NM backcountry elk hunt at 9000 feet. Nighttime temps somewhere between 15-20 degrees and 15-25 mph winds all night long. Slept in thin long Johns, kuiu lightweight merino wool top and a cheap Costco puffy with a beanie In a three season tent - no heater. Plenty warm. That’s the coldest I’ve ever taken that setup.
  14. Hullensian

    Pay it forward - I will start

    Strap on mirror extenders. Fits trucks or minivans. Im in Gilbert. Can meet up too.
  15. Hullensian

    Headlamps and stealth

    Now that I think of it I was walking out after dark with my headlamp up north after watching an elk rut party (that was a a pretty cool experience) and as I was crossing an open meadow approaching the edge of the timber I caught two eyes shining back at me less than 50 yards out (headlamps pretty weak). At first I I thought it was coyotes because they were low to the ground (turns out it was due to the rising terrain). Then I saw I a couple more left and right of the first pair. Stomach flipped and I wish I had brought something to defend myself! Kept walking and at 40 yards I figured out the eyes were too far apart to be coyotes, I yelled and then I could see the bouncing of Muleys as they took off.