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    iam still laughing...….new to site....lurker and reader for many moons..i hope I replied correctly.....apologize for the somewhat duplicate post....
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    now that is funny $%#@
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    Any metalheads?

    PINK FLOYD ASU Sun Devil Stadium No show compares and has to be someone on here that was at this show (if they remember) been to more concerts when younger cant even try to count..Father dealt with CocaCola people so anytime concert at desert sky, cricket, not sure what its called now....but when they announced the concert, called pops = 4 tickets CocaCola suites, parking pass, and backstage many times-anyone that has been close to the stage at cricket (will call it) probably has seen the round tables with 4 big cushioned pull out chairs with metal bars around your little area.....center stage 15 or so rows up...my brother and I each get ticket, then next ticket goes to the person willing to drive, and last ticket sometimes was scalped for beer money, chicks, etc...... Okay so lurked on cw for years, then had an acct for very short time due to system issues and user name went kiaser sosa on me so said F I, then went back to lurking again: lurking for 10-15 years prob.....been meaning to sign back up for a while (years)..anyways, I will introduce myself properly somewhere....