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  1. Pecosray

    Good Guy Buyer List

    Thank You Lance, Great idea, at least now you know who you can trust.
  2. Pecosray

    Scouting Service Expectations

    So when should I try for Black Bear, Whats the best time of Year ? What about a January Coues deer hunt in unit 33, is that a better Hunt than Others ? Also What species anmd Units should I be Applying for?
  3. Pecosray

    Scouting Service Expectations

    Thank You for that info....
  4. Pecosray

    Scouting Service Expectations

    I'm assume so, But I still need a plan just in case, So I'm looking for a Trail head to park and hike out of, I'm planning on a couple mile hike to get away from day hunters, set up camp stay a couple days and find that 100 inch buck, I hope to score a Black Bear tag as well so what ever info you can provide would be great, Peace
  5. Pecosray

    Scouting Service Expectations

    I'm sure thats whats going on, Like I said i'm not ready to give up on him but I feel I need to have a plan just in case.
  6. Pecosray

    Scouting Service Expectations

    You are too kind Sir, Thank You I trust this will get resolved but yes I will contact you if needed.... Peace Always.. Mary
  7. So I'm hunting Unit 33 Coues deer in November, I've Hired and paid for a scouting service because I've never hunted this unit before and I don't have the time to scout since i'm coming from Texas. My scouting service Rep. has been very responsive in answering question and putting me at ease, I made my payment for services and here lately since we are getting close I've emailed some questions and all I get back is Crickets, I'm sure he out scouting for other clients but really some response is better than Crickets. So lets assume that he get back to me here in the next couple of days.... What should my Expectations be moving forward ? Here's what I expect......... Nearest Hotel or Motel, Best and Closest trail Head info since i'm Hiking in. GPS info on Water sources as well as Camping area near the scouted areas to hunt, what about cell service? Am I missing something?