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  1. Huntor

    Tagged Out...

    Congrats! great desert muley
  2. Huntor

    Nephew’s First Buck

    Congrats to Deagan! Father/Son moments are the best! My son shot an elk on a youth hunt and two weeks later a buck. First for both and I was there for both.....great times for sure!
  3. Huntor

    2020 General Season Desert Buck

    Congrats!!! hard to beat a nice desert muley!
  4. Huntor

    Scouting in 3b

    idgaf my 70 year old dad drew the nov. 15th muzzy tag for this unit. He has never hunted elk before. I just finished my archery hunt in a different unit. I was unsuccessful but it wasn't from lack of effort and opportunities just could not capitalize. great experience! First time drawing early archery tag and can't wait to draw it again. My pops has a place in Lakeside but he is only there for the summer. Hoping we can find elk on his hunt. We have a couple guys willing to help. Anyway nice picture!