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    Desert Mule Deer

    That's a good Dad.. 👍 making memories that will last a lifetime.😊
  2. Bill@roofer


    Pm sent. My son wants it for his wife..
  3. Bill@roofer

    SOLD - Cleaning Out - Lots of Rifles and Scopes

    Do you still have the vortex scope for sale?
  4. Bill@roofer

    Happy Birthday Amanda!

    Happy birthday Amanda 🎂
  5. Bill@roofer

    Coati Finally

    Deer hunting Christmas day has been a tradition of mine for 20 plus years. And quail. Most the time we open presents on Xmas Eve.. someone, mostly the kids, will get a new gun for Christmas . Then we all meet at Florence junction.. and hunt all day Christmas and or sight guns in.. I always archery hunt if I haven't filled my tag .. twice now I've killed a buck on December 31 and another one the next day on January 1.
  6. Bill@roofer

    Coati Finally

    I took that one on Christmas afternoon
  7. Bill@roofer

    Coati Finally

    Took this guy in the pinal mountains. Momma and baby's in the same area.. I have seen as many as 20 or more at time in there.. most the time the males are alone... Supposedly they make a good pet.. NOT for me...
  8. Bill@roofer

    LH Savage 7mm model 116 with McMillan Stock- SOLD

    Big hit was looking for a lefty for his daughter I think. Maybe a little bigger then what he's looking for.
  9. Bill@roofer

    Unit 9 Deer Tags

    That's a perfect plan. ..to many hunter up high around the park.. there are deer there but one buck for every 500 people.
  10. Bill@roofer

    Unit 9 Deer Tags

    I've hunted there several times, and a friend has a cabin near red butte... Skinner ridge and all around red butte and lizard mountain hold a lot of deer.. the cabin is south of Tusayan in the flats with lots of sage brush and junipers .. We have killed many big bucks down low around government tank and lower.. up high is like a highway full of dumb butt"es guaranteed to screw your hunt up... Stay low and put the time in and you WILL be successful.. good luck and let us know how you do
  11. Bill@roofer

    Found Binoculars Unit 27

    Your kids first hunt? What if they where his binoculars that was lost.. would you want some one to sell them To some cheap butt that would rather benefit off of someone else's loss then to bye his kid a pair like a good person would? Perhaps if you just mentioned that your kid is going on his or her first hunt. And needs a pair of binoculars.. I know for a fact that someone on here would hook your kid up . Where you located and when does your kid need them? I've got several different pairs I can give you a pair if needed .
  12. Bill@roofer

    WTB Youth XL/ Mens small camo and size 8.5/9 boots for my son

    I have a pair of size 10 Browning camo hikers either one of you can have for your kids. Maybe a little big but??
  13. Bill@roofer

    Help! Need 30-30 ammo for youth elk hunt

    Now this is the coueswhitetail.com that I always enjoyed.. good job everyone for looking out. 👍
  14. Bill@roofer

    RV rental services

    Don't do it.. It will be broken down every time you want to use it. People don't give a shoot about your stuff..
  15. Bill@roofer


    Okay I will be there. Don't know why phone didn't work..
  16. Bill@roofer


    I will take the custom chair and ottoman. Bill @ 4802322939
  17. My father use to give us one just like that. And just a couple shells. Then send us off in the woods to hunt for dinner. Open iron sights and we could hit anything at 100 yards or less with it..my oldest brother has it now.. really nice rifle for sure..
  18. Bill@roofer

    2 Titan M1 with accudraw crossbows like new

    How about meeting at bass pro mesa az?
  19. Bill@roofer

    Things (snakes) that make you go, whew!

    Had one get in my boat at Barlett lake one night. Crawled across my leg in a 10 foot jon boat. I was able to wait until it crawled under the front seat. Then hit land on a run . Friend of mine fished it out with a fishing pole and a kastmaster.
  20. For sale 2016 Hyundai Tucson Sport SUV. $14,000 Single owner . My mom's car she is 83 and going blind. She know longer needs it. Very well maintained and driven easy.. has a broken mirror on passenger side from tree branch.. runs excellent. Champagne colored and black interior.. fully equipped with everything.. if interested call me and I can give you more information... Bill 480 two 32 Two nine 39. I can put up pick later..
  21. Bill@roofer

    2016 Hyundai Tucson Sport SUV. for sale

    Please delete.. thank you