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  1. Bill@roofer

    A Note From Scout

    The day i got her she was 6 weeks then and 4 now.
  2. Bill@roofer

    A Note From Scout

  3. Bill@roofer

    A Note From Scout

    This is my best freind. Annie . She is a Blue queensland heeler. Without her my life would be very empty. If You want to know unconditional Love. Get a dog.
  4. Bill@roofer

    Almost time

    Ya I'm doing and feeling better. I still have alot of neck and back pain. But I can deal with it. Wearing this damb collar is the worst part . now I can take it off at home for a hour at a time.
  5. Bill@roofer

    Almost time

    Yup. Ive seen them many times . been hunting in area 8 for 50 years . Always camped in the same place. On Devil dog road/ forest road 108 and forest road 122. See alot of them along the powerlines. And down around Perkinsville. I Worked for 12 years during the summers and off and on for Hat Ranch. 40 years ago we use to see herds of deer that had 100 or more per herd. And elk in the thousands. In 1972 my Dad shot a non typical in full velvet that had so many points on it i couldnt count. I had just turned 10 and from the minute I saw that arrow fly and stick him I was hooked. I picked up anything i could to make a bow and arrows and shot anything that moved. Been doing it ever since. By the way my Dad cut the horns off that big butt muley and put them on top off the barn. They rotted. I ha e never forgave him
  6. Bill@roofer

    loosing another Bashas

    Mines bigger and heavier. And kinda woody. .
  7. Bill@roofer

    Almost time

    Archery bear ,Turkey and Deer 10 days who's counting. Quarter house Inn in William's Az leased for 7 days and all my family with me. Time for some good old family healing.
  8. Bill@roofer

    Bear hunting rough start

    Oops sorry i didnt see you.
  9. Bill@roofer

    Barnett Ghost 360 Crossbow with Bolts and accessories

    Oops . sorry was going to bye this for my son and i called him. And he just bought a Scorpyd Crossbow this morning . So please disregard my previous post. Barnett crossbows are very acurate shooting. And are very light and durable. Someone bye this its worth the money. Fun as heck to call in and shoot predators.
  10. Bill@roofer

    Barnett Ghost 360 Crossbow with Bolts and accessories

    Pm sent. I will take it
  11. Bill@roofer

    Need a Crossbow

    I got a barnett whitetail pro str he can borrow
  12. Bill@roofer

    What does he score???

    Hurry up and shoot him and I will more then happy to score him.. I Say 150 to 160 by the time he starts to rub.
  13. Bill@roofer

    No limit night fury (Deep six)

    I will take them. I live. Real close to Aj
  14. Bill@roofer

    Private rv lot

    Looking for a place to rent with a rv hook up. Probably going to need it atleast threw this year. It will be just me and my dog . let me know if anyone has anything. Thanks
  15. Bill@roofer

    Weatherby Vanguard 270 Custom

    Thank you.and nice meeting you. My Grandson loves it. We been playing tug a war with it. I gave it to Him as a graduation gift. It about killed Me, because I wanted it myself. But the look on his face and the joy I brought to him tonight was priceless. Thanks again for the sell . It is a beautiful gun and will be taken very good care of. Hopefully he can pass on to one of his kids someday.
  16. Bill@roofer

    Weatherby Vanguard 270 Custom

    Its mine now.😀
  17. Bill@roofer

    Who does Euro Mount?

    Call mike Scott at 480 274 5099. He has donee all my work for years
  18. Bill@roofer

    96 Chevy K1500 4x4 Ext Cab - SOLD

    Pm sent
  19. Bill@roofer

    Question about mule deer

    They are quarantined. And must stay home. Just do a home invasion on them . To dang hot to move much.
  20. Bill@roofer

    Weatherby Vanguard 270 Custom

    I want this so bad. Beautiful gun . Pm sent.
  21. Bill@roofer

    My Daughter is Officially a Marine

    Absolutely. Good job to Both Dad and Mom. You have raised a very beautiful young lady. Wow what a difference from the little girl i once met. Claudia has done well and i am very proud to know that She will be protecting this Country. With the mess this Country is in right now, its nice to know it going to be okay. If Claudia has anything to do with it. Thank you Young lady for Your service. And thank You, Del and Your Wife for raising such a good kid. 👍
  22. Bill@roofer

    FYI: Clearance prices on hunting rifles at Wally Land

    Can you order on line and have shipped to store? Might be another option
  23. Bill@roofer

    Brand new savage 6.5 creedmore

    For sale is a brand new savage 6.5 creedmore with scope and hardcase . $300.00 firm . pics coming soon.
  24. Bill@roofer

    Brand new savage 6.5 creedmore

    Sold PDF.
  25. Bill@roofer

    Brand new savage 6.5 creedmore

    Axis . I have someone already interested. Jmall your next in line if it falls threw.