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    Looks like good elk hunting weather!!!

    Buddy of mine might be getting a 5A tag through a veteran program and I'm hoping he wants help packing out 😁
  2. 0uTkAsT

    Lets See Them Kids

    My 6-year-old in our natural habitat.
  3. I'm inexperienced in this area and hoping to draw from your collective knowledge to choose a set of affordable, but decent, binoculars for spot-and-stalk hunting in AZ and NM. Embarrassingly, I bought a Razor HD rangefinder hoping that I could get by for a while using it for glassing, the logic being it has good quality optics and is tripod adaptable. However, after the first trip, I'm realizing I should have just stuck with the old hand-me-down Nikon Prostaff rangefinder I had and invested in binos instead because it's uncomfortable for me to look through the monocular for very long and the field of view is quite narrow. Live and learn I guess. Now I'm on a very limited budget because I over-spent on the rangefinder, so I would like to keep the price point below $350 if it's at all possible to get a decent set of glass for that kind of money. I can save up to go higher-end by next season if necessary, but it won't do me any good this season. I'd prefer to stick with Vortex for the warranty unless you all think it's best to deviate, and I guess my main concerns are field of view and being able to distinguish shapes and colors, even in deep shadows where game likes to hang out. Beyond that, I'm not sure what magnification or objective size I should be looking at, what product lines to consider or avoid, etc. 10x or 12x with 42mm or 50mm objectives seem to be the most versatile, but which to choose? Online reviews are overwhelmingly positive on the Crossfire HD and Diamondback HD lines, but are they really worth considering for hunting, or I need to be looking at something higher-end? I'm not particularly concerned about weight. It would be nice if it included a chest pouch, and not just a neck strap. Despite the criteria above, I'm all ears for any suggestions, regardless of accessories or what I "think" I want or need at this point. Any advice would be greatly appreciated because I'm truly lost in all this, so thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction!
  4. I appreciate the offer! I lucked out though... A buddy of mine recently upgraded his binos and gave me a sweet deal on his older Fury 10x42s, so I'm picking them up this weekend.
  5. Thank you all so much for the responses and PMs I've received! I really appreciate all the help!
  6. 0uTkAsT

    Youth elk

    Happens to the best of us... and I know plenty of adults who still forget about mechanical offset / height over bore. Glad he still tagged out!
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    I decided to get in shape this year

    Thank you! My experience was much the same at first - I felt great and "thought" I should be seeing the pounds coming off each morning, but it took a long time to actually start seeing results on the scale. About the time I leveled off in "feeling great", that's when I actually started to shed fat and see results. It's been up and down with the way I feel and my appetite fluctuated back and forth between not being hungry at all for days at a time to feeling like I could eat all day and never be satisfied, but I stuck with it and once the weight started dropping, it just kept consistently coming off week after week ever since for the most part... I do hit flat spots now and then - go a full week without losing anything, then the following week I'd lose 2-3 lbs, seemingly at random. I don't understand the science of it, but I have started to identify foods that obviously stall out my metabolism. Pizza, for example... work buys us pizza all the time. I used to indulge in 2-3 slices, but since starting the weight loss journey I limited myself to 1 or 2 slices. I'd notice that even after just one or two slices of pizza for lunch, I wouldn't lose any weight at all for 2-3 days afterwards. Once you get rolling, you should be able to identify things like that to avoid. Then it just comes down to having the willpower to say "no thanks" when they flood the office with pies! 😂 Having a good, reliable digital scale that measures down to 1/10th of a pound consistently is helpful in that regard. I got mine at Costco and it's been amazing. Good luck Quagmire! You can do it!
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    Trigger tech special slam fire

    Any updates on this? I have a TT standard flat PVD trigger in my R700 and I don't have any issues but it has me curious. It's especially concerning that it does it with the Timney also. Any issues with the factory trigger?
  9. 0uTkAsT

    I decided to get in shape this year

    Nice work! I know this is an older thread but I got divorced in March and decided it was a good excuse to set a better example for my daughter while also showing up my ex. Since then I've completely cut dairy, and I intermittently fast between 7pm and 11am. Otherwise, I just watch my portion sizes and cut down on sugary drinks and starchy carbs a bit, and drink less alcohol. With no change in exercise or the types of foods I eat with the aforementioned caveats, I've been able to lose 33.9lbs as of this morning. My goal is to drop another 10 more and then hold steady. I feel so much better.
  10. Excited to take the kiddo out for squirrel this weekend.
  11. I would love to do a wild pig hunt in California, it's been on my bucket list for a while.
  12. 0uTkAsT

    Backcountry Ethics

    Great read. I always choose to be the better man without a struggle in trying encounters with unsportsmanlike individuals, especially now that I'm hunting with my daughter and want to set an example for her. Still, it definitely rattles me when I see or hear about unethical behavior, or am forced to relocate because of dangerous or disrespectful activity, because I was raised differently and I have a hard time just accepting that fewer and fewer people in the field each year seem to have a functioning moral compass.
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    Barrel Length 101

    I have always been a fan of the shortest barrels feasible for a number of reasons, and have hunted exclusively with barrels ranging from 11.5-18" my whole life. That being said, I am not a long range hunter and the longest shot I've ever taken on game was approximately 440 yards. Still, selecting the right load and learning the ins and outs of your firearm is paramount, even with the prevalence of accurate angle-correcting rangefinders, wind meters, chronographs and ballistic calculators we have access to now.
  14. 0uTkAsT

    2020 Coues Calendars are in!

    Very nice, I need one for my office!