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    What kind of animal is in this tree ..

    the one time you want a big picture and we get a compressed one when you want comressed pics we get full size HD pics. Where and what is Waldo?
  2. WadeNAZ

    Awesome antler repair job!!!

    What is the name of the shop and does he have a webpage?
  3. WadeNAZ

    Gun for sale on backpage!

    Maybe the guy accidentally added an extra 0 at the end. or maybe not. who cares? really? why dont you call and find out? If it was a mistype and that is what makes him a clown just call me BOZO. (is that how you spell BOZO?)
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    would you consider trades?
  5. WadeNAZ

    What Happened to Gino's thread

    Str8Shot - Semi Abrasive? You ought to spend some time with him in person. As his brother I can tell you he is as abrasive as a wood rasp and you will lose skin on the deal LMAO. Just playin with ya brohim. I guess I missed the thread discussed here but being on this board for quite some time now I get the feeling Gino you are as advertise and probably a cooler cat in person. I also think it is good that people can say their opinions and have discussions and even call someone out, within reason of course, and do so while still respecting the fact others may not agree.
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    My December 2011 Coues

    what a beaut! congrats! Great pics!
  7. WadeNAZ

    36-c is overrunnnnn with em

    Blame global warming. It is not just mtn lions. In the last several years I have seen more and more predatory birds than ever and larger than ever. I also hear the coyotes yipping nearly everynight I am outdoors where in the past it was only on occasion. I also seem to have seen an increase in the amount of prey and the size of small game at least. This is not scientific fact but my observations anyway from the border to above the Mogollon Rim. As for the lions. I still pick up a tag every year and hope I get the chance to use it. Never been to 36c and dont have dogs and if it wasnt so far south I might take a trip.
  8. WadeNAZ

    Traditional Javalina

    Very cool! Added to my bucket list !
  9. WadeNAZ

    Giant Coues ****B&C Score updated*****

    Oh my! what a cool looking and tremendous buck! Two thumbs up!
  10. WadeNAZ

    This one has both horns....

    Right on Casey! Congrats!
  11. WadeNAZ

    Another Giant! 127 3/8

    Top Heavy! Awesome Buck!
  12. WadeNAZ

    ??? Posting Scores ???

    I have shot one coues and it was a whopping 100- One hundred minus a lot. Dont really care about the +. or the scores. I think if someone who likes to look at scores or measure their bucks then good for them. I think more folks should be know what a 100 buck looks like and pass on everything under that so there are more for me.
  13. WadeNAZ

    Interesting Brain Game

    Yellow Screwdriver here
  14. WadeNAZ

    Outdoor Writer of the Year

    Congratulations indeed!
  15. WadeNAZ

    one more good wolf

    I think the government should take all $ spent toward this wolf project and put it towards educating our children.Taking a wounded wolf to a vetrinarian? For Christmas' sake. Wild animals that can't survive die; threatened/endangered or not.
  16. WadeNAZ

    Archery Season Opening

    Good Luck Guys. Going to try to get out somewhere close to the valley. East side.
  17. WadeNAZ

    late Nov. buck

    First of all contrats on a very nice buck! Was there an essence of the hunt category this year in the contest? This should get a nomination becuse shooting a beautiful Buck in beautiful country and then smudging it our of the fear someone might know where you shot it is truly what it is all about. LOL Priceless!! YOu know what you should have just posted the close up Pic and kept the rest to yourself if you are really worried about it. OK now everyone put in for 36b this year for your fist/second choice so I can finally get drawn for Kaibab! Just bustin Balls! good BucK!
  18. WadeNAZ


    Good to hear some positive news like this! Now wheres the Pic of this so called toad?
  19. WadeNAZ

    Very Nice non typical Coues

    Gnarly Rack! Congrats to Dean on a monster buck.
  20. WadeNAZ

    Building BP's for your child

    Let's all put our wives (even if they dont hunt) in for BPs. Then in 8-10 years we can all have these ladies enter the draw and transfer tags that should have gone to other hunters so we can make sure our kids go on a big game hunt before they are an ancient 13 years old. Great Freakin Idea. Are you serious? There are plenty of opportnities for youth to hunt, lets find other ways to increase it without screwing others. If they dont get drawn right away take them squirrel, rabbit, quail, predator hunting. They will love you just the same. No offense meant directly to you Anthony. I have 2 youngsters of my own (7 and 5) and they will have to wait and see what happens without me trying to screw with an already screwed up system. The sad thing about this is you would not be the first or only one out there to do this or similar things when it comes to increasing individuals or a family's odds for the sake of others.
  21. WadeNAZ

    Get your PETA stickers here!!!!

    Ordered! Now to let everyone I know in on the fun.
  22. WadeNAZ

    Building BP's for your child

  23. WadeNAZ

    Ground blind

    here we go again... 1) If it aint yours dont touch it. - 2)it takes a special breed and they are out there 3) If you dont want it stolen, dont leave it out and expect everyone to adhere to #1