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    FS Winchester model 77 22 rifle

    It would have to be on a weekend for me. I work mon-fri. If you still have it here in a couple of weekends I’ll get back with you
  2. Dkart4


    I believe so, pretty sure the factory rims are alloy.
  3. Dkart4


    Preferably with ranging capabilities of 1000+ yards on animals. Not that I would shoot one from that distance. It would probably just be nice to have that capability. Let me know what you have
  4. Dkart4


    I wish. Looking to stay closer to $400-$500
  5. Safford and globe are bone dry
  6. Dkart4

    Marsupial Bino Harness

    I’m here in Safford too.
  7. Dkart4

    Trade Razor 12x50

    Trade razor 12x50 something of similar value in a 15x56. Great condition. Will post some pics tonight.
  8. Dkart4

    Trade Razor 12x50

    Traded. Thx hvyhlr, nice to meet to you.
  9. Dkart4

    Marsupial Bino Harness

    Where you located?
  10. Dkart4

    Mathews Outback "lowered price "

    What year is it?
  11. Dkart4

    Weatherby Synthetic 6.5-300 mag for sale

    I have the same gun in a .25-06 but just the stainless barrel and a love it. Threw away the factory stock and dropped it into a bell and Carlson. Shot a three shot group with HSM Trophy Gold 115 grain Berger VLD’s at about 3/8 of an inch (100 yards).I am wanting to upgrade the trigger though.
  12. Dkart4

    98 Dodge Ram 1500

    1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4wd. 5.2L V8. Truck has 144000 miles. It has slow rear main leak, and it just started to smoke slightly out the vents when it starts occasionally. Smells electrical. A/C is real cold and blows good but cuts out when you accelerate. It needs a new vacuum check valve. I have a couple just haven’t got around to replacing it cuz I don’t drive it much. $2500 cash price or pm me with possible trades. Might even consider 2nd Amend items, hunting/camping gear as partial trade as well. Thanks. Located in Safford area.
  13. Dkart4

    98 Dodge Ram 1500

    Edited ttt
  14. Dkart4

    Wanted Quad!

    How much?
  15. Dkart4

    Wanted Quad!

    PM’d you
  16. Dkart4

    ISO 17hmr

    If he is not, I am.
  17. Dkart4


    Do you have pics of the tent?