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  1. Ruger 10/22 with 16.5” KSA fluted bull barrel (threaded), magpul x-22 stock, and primary arms acss .22lr 6x32 scope. Rifle probably has about 200 to 300 rounds through the barrel. $600. Located in Safford area but will be in the Tempe/Mesa area this Saturday.




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  2. 2 hours ago, Crazymonkey said:

    I had to ask on here a while back and got great help with that .Its on the left side of the barrel next to the reciever.The jm stamping that is mfr dates usually can be checked by serial # online.

    Awesome thank you!

  3. Bought this rifle from a CWT member a few months ago. Not as fun as I thought it’d be to shoot😂. 22” barrel. It is a real nice rifle. Just looking to get my money back. $800 with a full box of ammo. Would possibly trade for a .44 mag/.357 lever action of equal value. In the Safford, AZ area but will be in Mesa tomorrow. Thanks.