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  1. bghb

    Pig Logic

    Fair enough, thanks! Fingers crossed...
  2. bghb

    Pig Logic

    This year will be the first time I ever actually hunt javelina. I've been hunting the same general area in New Mexico for mule deer for three years in a row now and I've seen javelina in the same canyon every year. Reading through this thread, it seems like that canyon is a good place to find them on my upcoming javelina hunt. Seems like even though I've previously seen them in that canyon in October, they'll probably be close by in January?
  3. bghb

    Yea it’s a 2x2...

    Good deal, thanks. I'm heading out tomorrow for a few days. It will be interesting to see how much things have changed since your hunt.
  4. bghb

    Yea it’s a 2x2...

    Great looking deer! Congrats to your son! On a side note, what was the deer activity like in general while you guys were hunting?
  5. bghb

    Christensen Arms

    A friend of mine has one in 6.5 Creedmoor and he absolutely loves it
  6. bghb

    December Rifle Trip

    Nice work! Looks like you guys did really well!
  7. bghb

    30B- Current Access

    What sort of condition is the Middlemarch Pass road in? Is that a pretty decent road the whole stretch between Tombstone and Sunsites?