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  1. Jlreff

    RV Pad w/Hookups So AZ

    There’s a trailer park by tombstone Arizona that’s pretty good.
  2. Jlreff

    Anyone wanna join me tomorrow?

    Don’t look by Vernon cheaper land but full of labs last time I was there looking at land. Also check out springerville and eager.
  3. Jlreff

    Looking for landscaper

    Don’t have his business number. Haven’t talked to him in a while. Had a difference of opinion and parted ways. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t due good work thou. Still would have him due my work thou.
  4. Jlreff

    Music - Songs for the drive

    I have Chris ledoux’s cd old rode songs. I believe that’s what it’s called. It’s my go to when I go hunting. As soon as I hit dirt or leave the house for a day hunt that cd goes in the CD player. As far as driving songs I have hank sr and jr, wille , Waylon Charlie Daniels, Tom Russell, Chris ledoux , the doors plus many others. Can’t stand rap , hip hop, or most modern country. Prefer the old classics in country and rock.
  5. Jlreff

    Pre-64 M70 Trigger Work

    If you lived in Tucson I’d say lawasons. But why didn’t the gunsmith you picked it up from due the trigger work.
  6. Jlreff

    Need Marlin 336CS JM help!

    Always use oil with the wool. Brass 0000 wool is better then the steel in the same grade if you can find it. Pachmyer makes a good replacement pad. I myself have used there declerator pad for years now.
  7. Jlreff

    Looking for landscaper

    My brother in law owns a landscaping business in Mesa. It’s called the landscape company. Unfortunately I don’t have his phone number but I’ve seen his work and portfolio he does good work.
  8. Jlreff

    New pack recommendation?

    Like I stated earlier but do to work and recent surgeries I am unable to hunt as much as I’d like. If I had the desire or ability to hike in farther I’d look at mystery ranch or k u i u or one of the other top packs listed here. But I would have to justify the price just like a lot of other people. Right now it’s a want not a need. But I’ve been researched packs for quite awhile now in search of something better. Mystery ranch or k ui u gets my vote if I decide to get a new pack.
  9. Jlreff

    New pack recommendation?

    Same here. When I get something down I take a load out with the badlands 2200. Then go back in with the external frame pack to haul out the rest. Cheaper then a 600.00 pack I’ll use twice a year.
  10. Jlreff

    Need Marlin 336CS JM help!

    Yes. That’s how I restored my dads first shotgun he bought. Also how we brought the deep bluing out on guns we blues in the shop.
  11. Jlreff

    Need Marlin 336CS JM help!

    I use 4 ought steel wool or brass wool same grade to remove light surface rust. Montana cleaning solvents and pledge or fl it z gun wax on blues guns.
  12. Jlreff

    Knife Recommendations

    I run a buck 110 holds a edge but pain in the butt to sharpen. A outdoor edge big game for skinning a lightweight Ferber pack saw and a cheap fixed blade for breaking in the field. But mostly due everything with the buck 110. In fact just sharpened it for the upcoming hunts. After two years and numerous animals later. I run a sharping steel in between uses. As for a sharpening tool I use a Lan s k y a sky diamond stone and a homemade leather strop. But will be going to razor edges stones next year.
  13. Jlreff

    San Tan Valley Combs school

    I agree with what you teachers above said. I’ve had a few good teachers thru out my school years. But just like anything the few bad apples ruin it for the rest of the people. I myself chose a different job then teaching or working for the game and fish because of the low pay. You spend all that money on a bachelors and masters degree to make under 30,000 dollars. Plus have to get post certified for game and fish. So you’ve got to be doing it cause you like it, because the money is not there. Arizona has one of the lowest salaries for teachers in the country.
  14. Jlreff

    New pack recommendation?

    I have a badlands original 2200. Like it a lot for the little packing I due. I myself have been looking at mystery ranch or badlands ox pack. But a little pricey for what little i do with my pack. I use a external frame pack to haul meat out. Similar to the camp trails freighter frame.
  15. Jlreff

    White Mountain Creek Fishing

    I know where that part of the river is. Like I said earlier drop down by west or east fork campgrounds for Apache trout. That’s all they stock their thur the summer.