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  1. ruger1022

    Unit 33 Late Rifle?

    Utah, my plan was to know I drew it, and scout in November when visiting my wife's family in Tuscon. I'm a little late now.
  2. ruger1022

    Unit 33 Late Rifle?

    Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it! I’ll make sure to post up a report of my hunt.
  3. ruger1022

    Unit 33 Late Rifle?

    I've got good glass, and I'm used to picking apart landscapes looking for deer. I understand Coues are way harder to spot, but I'm hoping in 10 days I can start to figure it out. What elevations are Coues deer living at in Unit 33? Do deer move down in elevation as the rut kicks off? Or will they still be up high? I'm seeing some mixed results when looking online.
  4. ruger1022

    Unit 33 Late Rifle?

    Is it worth picking up a mountain lion tag? Do people run into them often in 33?
  5. ruger1022

    Unit 33 Late Rifle?

    Thanks everyone, sounds like I will probably call and take the tag on Monday. It's good to hear it from a few people before I lose 8 points on a tag. If anyone has any tips or tricks they would be willing to share with a first-time Coues Hunter who doesn't have a ton of time to prepare, it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello everyone, New to the forum, but excited to be a part of it. I applied for a unit 33 December Coues tag this year, but didn't draw. I just got the call today that I am next in line for a tag someone turned back. I haven't ever hunted Coues Deer or been in the unit before. The reason I applied is my wife's family lives in Tuscon (but don't hunt), and my thought was when I drew I would scout when we went to visit around Thanksgiving. My question is, is it worth me picking up the tag this late? I had 8 pts going into the draw this year. I won't get a chance to scout, and I can only hunt Dec 20th through Dec 30th. I'm not looking for a giant, just excited to get out. Do you guys think I could get it done? I don't want to sit on my points forever, and I would like to start hunting every couple years on a season that doesn't take so many points to draw. Thanks up front for any insight anyone can give me.