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  1. After looking at snow and conifer forest all winter in Montana, it is nice to have a break from it. I just looked it up, and Montana has four species of cactus. I've seen two of them. Never more than a foot tall and in low concentrations.
  2. Thanks everybody. Leaning towards 31 or 32, but got a lot of time to decide.
  3. Funny you should say that, as I was just researching that unit now. Thanks for all the input from folks so far. I'm putting together a table of all the units with different data to help me sort through things.
  4. Looking to do January 2022 archery hunt. Want to bring wife. We took vacation to AZ a few years ago, and we like cactus country. I will hunt during day, and wife may go on hikes, paint (she is an artist) and stuff like that. I realize there may not be a big safety concern with immigrants, but it would make my wife real nervous to see them while on hikes or in camp alone. We are in Montana and would drive down and camp out of truck, and could have a mobile camp. I would plan on 1-2 mile walks before light and come out after dark. Can anyone recommend a unit/area where we would have some cactus around (I realize it won't be like the National Parks but don't want to be in the pine forest), little to no chance of seeing immigrants and where we could be truck camping near hunting areas.