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    What a great story and buck! Thank you for sharing

    Daughter takes a thug of a buck!

    I've heard this story a few times but it was great to read it and see those pics again. Having held these horns, pics don't do this stud of a buck justice. Hunter is an amazing young lady.

    Fun in Sonora Mexico

    Cool looking birds! I want one next year...

    1,2b,2c Muzzleloader for my 13 year old!

    you hunting with a3? Haven't ruled out hiring an outfitter but pretty sure we are going to do it on our own.
  5. I can't believe my son's luck. Put him in for this hunt "knowing" that he would just get another bonus point. This kid is already quite an accomplished hunter. He took his 10th deer this passed January, a nice 100ish coues in Sonora. He has never had an elk tag but has been with me on a few archery elk hunts. Can't wait to chase rutting Az bulls with him again. Congrats to all the lucky elk hunters! I'm on cloud 9!!!

    My son's first Big Game Animal

    Way cool. 7 years old and get a buck like that... Good job dad!

    The Easter Bunny won't make it next year:)

    Awesome! That kid can shoot!

    2017 Mexico trip help

    I've been going to Mex for a few years with Cola Blanca Outfitters. Killed, seen and/or missed great bucks every time. Always had a great time. The above mentioned outfits seem to have a great reputation too. Prob can't go wrong with any of them.

    Taking kids on JR'S elk hunt

    My 13 year old son drew a big boy tag. Either early mz or early rifle. Not sure on unit yet. I was way more excited that he drew than a have been when I've drawn tags in the past. Although I've never drawn a tag that good. Can't wait to hear bulls screaming and see the look on his face when he hears a close bugle. No better sound in the world! Good luck to all the kids. Come on September...

    Just got the call!!!

    Fish and game just called me to update my card. (had fraud on the acct and bank cancelled it a couple weeks ago) She didn't have any info on the specific hunt info. What I do know is that my 13 year old son drew an early rifle or muzzleloader elk tag!!!! Yeehawwwww!!!!
  11. Been back to my crazy life for a little over a week. Finally sat down with a couple cervesas to reflect on another great trip to Sonora with my son and a GREAT friend. It was truly a trip of a lifetime, my 13 year old son's second trip to Mexico and he was able to take a nice buck on the 3rd day. This is his 10th deer and 4th coues deer. I am blessed beyond words to share my passion for hunting and the outdoors with people I love. I took a new gun, my daughters, that I was really confident with. My daughter (10) killed her first buck with it in Az in Nov at 440 yards. It's a tack driver. Pre 64 Model 70 I re-barreled to 6.5 X 284 and put a muzzle break and a Ziess scope on. I asked her if I could take it to Mexico and of course she said yes. I missed 2 great bucks more times that I am willing to admit and am now convinced that this gun is for her to use only. Never have I had buck fever, but hey I guess it's never too late to start. My son fortunately has ice water in his veins and kills everything he points his .270 at. Maybe it's because he sleeps so much. Thanks to my friend Andy and Dan Bishop at Cola Blanca Outfitters for another adventure I'll never forget. Next year I will shoot better amigos and we are taking Andy's truck...

    11 Year Old's Quest For Her First Elk

    Great story! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Draw system crash.... Again.

    I guess I picked the wrong place to complain about the F & G website. I do have a question for you guys that are so negative. By your reasoning the term "Draw deadline Feb 10 at 7 pm MST" means do it a month early??? Honestly I forgot. Until about 3:00 this afternoon. I actually said out loud "Oh SH**!!!!" My guys looked at me like I was crazy as I packed up my tools and headed home to my computer with 3 hours left to get it done. As far as putting myself in 5 minutes before my kids goes. I don't know my 10 year old daughter's social security number off the top of my head as I do my own. I started on my app as my wife was getting her SS card. Thanks.

    Draw system crash.... Again.

    I think you're right Kaffer62. Just hope I'm able to get my kids put in. Assuming they will extend the deadline again.