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  1. jrkukuk

    **Draw Results**

    Late 6b rifle bull here
  2. jrkukuk

    July 2007 Guess the Score Contest

    #120 5/8 Gross
  3. jrkukuk

    What did you apply for?

    Elk 6AW Arch. 1st 6B Arch 2nd Ant. 19 Arch 1st 18 Arch 2nd
  4. jrkukuk

    New Survey

    Here is the survey with out the answers. some questions want opinions and others are yes and no. Please indicate the level of agreament with the following statement 1. The AZGFD hears my interest and opinion in big game hunting in arizona 2. As a hunter of big game in Arizona, how do you prefer to become engaged in issues that may effect big game hunting in Arizona? 3. How often do you take an active role (attend meetings, write letters, provide feedback, etc.) in making sure that your interests or opinions are considered by the Arizona Game and Fish Commission regarding big game hunting issues in Arizona? 4.Which of the following do you utilize to ensure that your interests and/or opinions are heard regarding big game hunting in Arizona? 5. Have you ever attended an Arizona Game and Fish Commission meeting? 6. Do any of the following factors represent a barrier to you in attending a Commission meeting? (lack of time, travel, interest) 7. Would you be interested in joining the Department in an active role to further develop ideas regarding big game hunting issues in Arizona 8. Are you interested in attending future Commission meetings where the public offers input to the Commission regarding the subject of big game hunting? 9. How do you prefer to receive news or notifications about big game hunting issues or Commission meetings in Arizona?
  5. jrkukuk


    Another year passes with out a tag. Looks like over counter archery this year. Room mate pulled a archery elk 6B tag for second year in a row, Boss got archery elk 6AW tag(5 BPTS), Co-Worker pulled a 6B Cow tag (0 BPTS and first time hunter) and my drinking partner pulled a archery elk 6AW tag for the second year in a row. Looks like there could be a lot of elk meat aroud this fall. Good luck to everyone else.
  6. jrkukuk

    My Desert Archery Mule Deer (pics)

    Congrats on a great deer