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  1. Cedr1k

    unit 24b in arizona

    Yes i do i have a trooper needs a little tlc but its in progress but driveable. Lol iv been using rocks to pull them dang things off me. And when i go out i try to be there by 5 am and ill walk to my first glassing spot till theres enough light. To move around. I got some dirt sent cover. Mostly use it on my lower half well a heavier spray.
  2. Cedr1k

    unit 24b in arizona

    Yes im just trying to wrap a tag its my first hunt here in az. Iv been puttinga lot of time into this area like your saying to do. Iv got a few spots i glass for hours. I tend to fimd doe as i walk ridges and either see them in the distance or walk over a ridge on them. Witch leads me to a new question how do you walk quiet? I walk slow and watch my step but i know im making a lot of noise.
  3. Cedr1k

    unit 24b in arizona

    Thank you yeah I'vebeen noticing a few bucks starting to show up in the area but i bumped a 4x3 and he ran and i havent seen him since. I also found a dead 2x2. I was told the rut starts around January. This is my first time hunting here in az and im doing bow lol its gonna be hard i know this but im used to hunting in areas like Texas and Louisiana.
  4. Im new to deer hunting and id have to say so far im finding doe and a lot of poo just no bucks. I was hopping someone would point me in the right direction or kust give me some pointers. Or is there a better unit to hunt otc tags