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  1. az_runner

    Youth eye dominance help

    Yeah, I really appreciate the feedback from you guys. I may just bring him back to a right handed bow, lay both in front of him while shooting and see where he can progress. I see where people say that the "supposed to or recommended" is not a solution for all. I think his confidence and comfort level may help push him to go right handed and learn just close the left eye.
  2. I’ve been in a funky place with my youngest for the past year and wanted to get some thoughts or suggestions from you guys. My 8 year old is right-handed and left eye dominant, on top of that he has pretty poor eyesight that is improved by glasses and eye therapy by way of a patch. From what I’ve read and found is that he should be using a left-handed bow. He does struggle with a left-handed bow since it’s naturally awkward with everything from trying to get the muscle memory thing going , using a release, and all the way through to holding the bow and then the whole eye thing. I did initially get him a right-handed bow and discovered from the eye doctor that he was left eye dominant, so I then swapped that for the left-handed bow. He seems to do better and is more consistent with the right-handed bow, but I’m worried that I’m going to jack him up in the future. I thought we had this solved for him, but we went shooting a few days back and no matter what we did he was consistently way off to the right or left with no clear explanation as I even put a few arrows through his bow. The boy is starting to get pretty discouraged now. Should I keeping pushing the left-handed bow on him or let him decide? Arizona Archery did an awesome job getting my oldest squared away a few years back with a bow and a few private lessons; he is just getting to a point to hopefully take a buck this year. Then again my oldest didn’t have the challenges that my youngest is dealing with. Any thoughts or experiences? -Thanks
  3. az_runner

    Guys is the Draw open yet?

    Just for non-residents.
  4. az_runner

    Number 3 down 2021

    You obviously need something that provides a more challenging method buddy. Congrats sir.
  5. az_runner

    #2 down for us

    Congrats to you guys Beaton... yall are thinning out that herd of stink pigs.
  6. az_runner

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    Nah. If he was that big i would have thrown my release or boot at them in attempt to stun him while I jump on his back and perform a sleeper grip.
  7. az_runner

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    Yep, not a huge rack though he had some size to him for sure.
  8. az_runner

    1 pig down so far 2021

    Very nice man, hope you tag one. We're going after them in 21 this year for the rifle hunt.
  9. az_runner

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    I should start a thread for lessons learned and dumb mistakes. Last week I noted that I saw some rut action, got a stalk in, got busted and chased a large buck and does right across the road on a non-hunt hunt and private land. Well this morning I'm sitting a blind in a cool 28 degree creek bed for almost 3 hours and nothing. On the way out of the area I pull over to take a piss before hitting the road, I decide to walk down a hiking trail a few yards afterwards. A really big body six point comes barreling out of a large wash 20-30 yards in front of me and freezes. I went back and grabbed my bow, but he was long gone by then. The point of my story is the buck was alone in southern 6a and the lesson was don't ever make a move without your bow or rifle while hunting. Fawking good times...
  10. Hey Lefty - about how far north in 21 are you guys seeing whitetail? I'm trying to get my 12yr old on one, but I think we're just going to keep going after a few mules and lion that we found in 6A as our white search has been a bust. heck, I don't think I've even glassed a whitetail in 21 before. 

    1. lefty


      We were on hutch mesa off of the bloody basin road

    2. az_runner


      Ha. I was back there pig hunting a few years back but the area was getting ravaged by some large hunt party, one of the more out of control things I've seen before while hunting. Anyway hit me back if I can ever help you with anything or areas that I post.

    3. lefty


      sounds good,thanks

  11. az_runner

    WTB 7MM Rem Mag ammo

    That's funny. Well you may have a better chance of getting that tag than finding this ammo. I have two boxes and willing to part with one if you get in a really bad spot before a hunt.
  12. az_runner

    WTB 7MM Rem Mag ammo

    Do you need it for a hunt man?
  13. az_runner

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    I was chasing a really nice buck in 17B last week that was pushing a large group does. The big guy jumped units right into a non-hunt unit and onto private land. He stood broad side to me 40 yards out for probably 15minutes... I'm almost certain they were laughing at me.
  14. az_runner


    Kind of looks like a homemade shrimp boat from back home in Louisiana. Dem shrimp just ain't bite'n today Boudreux.
  15. az_runner

    Are water bowls or trays considered baiting?

    My lord that's funny as I came across a nudist/hippie couple online that hikes that area... I was looking for a hiking trail and not to join them. I would pay to see an old nude couple halling water with a couple of goats. Man those volcanic rocks just can't be any good on a old set of balls and cha-cha. Now youre going to make me go look for that dang site.