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  1. handwerk

    NL Pure

    I have the 10x42's stunning image, the ergos are the biggest change, very comfy in the hand. Also the rolling ball affect seems much less present to me. I've had the swaro 10x42 SV's in the past, a great bino for sure but to my eyes the NL's offer several important improvements.
  2. greetings, will this phone skope work with a swaro sts spotter?

    1. elwood


      This is for the phone only. You need to get the adapter for whatever optic you want to put it on. Their website has adapters for just about every Swarovski product ever made so I'm sure they have one that fits your spotter. Thanks for your interest.  

  3. greetings,

    did you ever sell your med. marsupial gear harness?


    regards, randy

  4. can you tell me if you still have the marsupial gear Med. harness for sale?


    thanks, Randy



  5. greetings, can you give me an accurate weight of your tripod? how tall does it extend to?


    thanks, randy

  6. is the pistol grip included?
  7. handwerk

    ISO Swarovski 10x42 HD’s

    there are a few over on Rokslide
  8. Does anybody have experience with both of these binos off a tripod? Opinions?
  9. handwerk

    Swarovski 12x50 EL

    there are some on Rokslide.
  10. handwerk

    Sirui T004k tripod, VA5 head, 3 plates

    what does the setup weigh?
  11. handwerk

    Swarovski 8.5x42 EL’s $1300 shipped

    are these SV's can you share the 1st 3 # of serial #? thanks