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  1. Arizona 79

    Barnett STR Whitetail Pro Crossbow

    where are you located?
  2. Arizona 79

    WTB Hand Gun Scope

    I am looking for a good quality scope for my T/C 223 Encore 14. Please contact if you have anything- Thanks
  3. Arizona 79

    KUIU Bino Harness

    PM Sent
  4. Arizona 79

    All items sold

    Pm sent
  5. Arizona 79

    FS: Canon G9X Mark ll w/ Scope cam kit

    Will this fit a BTX?
  6. Arizona 79

    Henry Golden Boy 44 mag

    F/S Henry Golden Boy 44 mag. I just received it back from Henry. I was having trouble with the feed. Very pleased with Henry customer service department they replaced the bolt, hammer and ejector it has been in my safe for many years. Time to replace it $600.00 Located in Taylor
  7. Arizona 79

    Henry Golden Boy 44 mag

  8. Arizona 79

    Henry Golden Boy 44 mag

  9. Arizona 79

    Henry Golden Boy 44 mag

    It has this was a bolt issue more than the feed every time I would eject or chamber the bolt hung up but it is smooth now.
  10. I am looking to buy a T/C Stainless Steel Encore 44 mag barrel. Please let me know if you have one for sale
  11. Arizona 79

    $20 Camo pants

    PM Sent
  12. Arizona 79

    Armalite 223 For Sale

    I ended up with an Armalite 15. I took in on a trade hoping I would not have to keep it. I have had it in the safe for 6-7 years and decided it’s time to trade it off or sale. anyone know a history on Armalite and a fair trade value? Or cash price?
  13. Arizona 79

    Armalite 223 For Sale

  14. Arizona 79

    Armalite 223 For Sale

    Thanks received what I feel is a reasonable offer sold pending funds
  15. Arizona 79

    Another new scammer / spam

    Thompson Center Contender Super 14 Hi you can reach out to Steven in Texas he has the Thompdon cenfer contender super 14 up for sale this is his email addressstevenmath298@gmail.com good luck thanks for the head up
  16. Please let me-know if you have thing Thanks
  17. Arizona 79


    Interested in the Thompson Center Super 14 .223
  18. Arizona 79

    Vortex kaibab hd 18x56

    I have a Henry 44 mag to trade
  19. Arizona 79

    WTB Garmin Rino 755

    Let me know if you have one in excellent condition and the price.
  20. Arizona 79

    Browning BLR "81 in 22-250

    Wish we could meet in Showlow
  21. Arizona 79

    Remington 700 SPS 223

    PM sent
  22. Arizona 79

    Ruger .357 magnum $450

    I have bought used Roger firearms over the years. Some I have sent back to Ruger for needed work. I received the best rebuilds and no charge. I bought a used mini 14 with problems. Sent it back to ruger they could not fix the gun and sent me a new mini 14 with extras. Can’t beat a used Ruger
  23. Looking for soft doors for my 2018 Honda 700-2. Thanks