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  1. Riversnake

    Nevada unit seventeen.

    Drew a buck tag this year in Nevada. If anyone has any info they can share that would be great. Excited to get out there and do some glassing.
  2. Riversnake

    San Diego lodging

    I'm a single Dad. I would like to take my 4 kids on a summer vacation to San Diego. If anyone has good lodging recommendations that would be greatly appreciated. I have an 18, 17, 12 and 10 year old. Was looking at places to stay. It seems that $4-500 a night is most likely the cost. Thanks.
  3. Riversnake

    Found, thanks

    Not sure if your looking for recommendations or one someone has for sale. But I recommend CZ. I have a 452 and it shoots incredible. Sorry I see now your looking to purchase.
  4. Riversnake

    7 day backcountry elk hunt

    I do these every couple years. Weighing your gear is essential, as is keeping your total weight as low as possible. I use a kuiu 2 man mountain star tent. Enlightened equipment quilt that has a foot well. Big agnes sleeping pad. I carry the bare minimum of extra clothes just what is absolutely essential. I have merino wool layers by kuiu and first lite. High quality light rain gear. Water filtration and a mini mo jet boil. I eat freeze dried breakfast and dinner and make a lunch packet for every day. Food is heavy and I try to have just what I need and zero extra. I use a Bivy satellite device that blue tooths to my phone and allows me to text by satellite. I do 5 day trips with my exo 4800 pack. The rifle is a huge percentage of my weight but the country I hunt is big open rugged rough territory. So I punish myself with a 12lb long range 338. It is very fun style of hunting that allows access to areas that most people arent willing to go to.
  5. Riversnake

    Retired Marine could use a few prayers.

  6. Riversnake

    When never meets now.

    A book got dropped off on my doorstep with a note inside to my wife. I gave it to her. I also ordered a copy for myself. It's a very powerful book with a strong message. I encourage anyone who is married to read it. The book is Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. I am certain that my wife will not read it because it would be calling her out on everything that she is taking part in.
  7. Riversnake

    When never meets now.

    Thanks everyone for the responses and the private messages. They are much appreciated. I'm staying focused on god, and the kids. Getting through one day at a time.
  8. Riversnake

    When never meets now.

    So, I wasn't sure where to put this but I'll definitely welcome any prayers. Long story somewhat short. Been married for 21 years. Four kids 16,15,9,7. A few road bumps here and there but nothing I thought was serious. Never once talked of divorce. I've been working hard last few years, payed off the house. Spent quite a bit remodeling the house. Saving for a new ride for the wife. Well serious problems started in December with the wife, couldn't figure out what was going on. Just knew she wasn't telling me the truth. Turns out she's having an affair with the contractor who was doing the remodel. Unbelievable. My wife is/was a total by the rules, christian, loyal, great mother, family oriented. Well she is all in with this guy. He's married as well. She won't stop, so I told her she had to leave. So I'm taking care of the kids, the house, trying to keep the clothes clean and food on the table. Were meeting with a lawyer she's started making comments about adding everything up cause half of all of it is hers. Totally crazy, something that I would have never thought possible. I've read similar stories like this on hunting forums and always thought who would share that type of thing. But its something that nobody I know has gone through and friends really cant relate at all. I'm just trying to do whats right by the kids. The older ones aren't to impressed with mom, and the younger two don't really understand. The immediate shock has worn off, now its just a constant state of hurt. I've started meeting with some guys from our church, and we have been seeing a marriage counselor but I think the counselor could be coming to an end. So if you ever think that your relationship needs attention I encourage you to seek help. Counselor said couples dont usually look for help years after it was needed.
  9. I purchased mine in November. My tax stamp check just cashed last week. Sure hope I get it in time for fall big game seasons.
  10. Riversnake

    Portal/bonus PTS. missing

    I am also missing deer points. Sat on hold forever finally had to hang up. Has anyone been able to get this resolved.
  11. Riversnake

    Thoughts on battery operated chainsaws.

    We use both the Milwaukee and Dewalts at my work. They work well, have to have the extra large batteries.
  12. Riversnake

    Unique bull

    Small six on the other side.
  13. Riversnake

    Unique bull

    Not sure how to rotate pics.
  14. Riversnake

    Unique bull

    Heres my 2019 bull. Watched this bull for 3 days before deciding to pull the trigger. Not really sure what happened to him.
  15. Riversnake

    Wtb 338 bullets for load development

    I shoot the 285 hornady match bullets through my edge. They shoot great. Bullet performance on a moose and an elk has been good. Both were at fairly close range though.