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  1. This is my first hunt & will be hunting 3a/3c in nov/dec. Was needing a good backpack & someone told me to get a good framed backpack. Went to sportsmans warehouse & they had a large which had a built in water bladder for for over $200. I thought it was a bit much since I already had one of those. What do you all have for your hunt that works? I was thinking of getting something for necessities such as first aid, food, ammo, etc.. someone said get whatever your comfortable with but what I think may be comfortable in the store isn't comfortable in reality. This is the only unchecked item on my list.
  2. I'm looking at rangefinders for my bull elk hunt & have 2 that I'm contemplating. Does anyone have opinions on what they use or the Vortex Ranger 1800 or Leupold RX-1600 models? I'm leaning towards Vortex for lifetime warranty but both have good reviews.
  3. Art20

    Hunting 3C late hunt

    I can afford a 1st hunt with a guide. This guy isn't very responsive so guess he's busy now and only has FB & Instagram. Looked on FB & no comments, left a vm but he did reply to my text msg saying he needs to check his schedule. Nothing much after that other than he has guides with over 25 yrs experience. Guess he's too busy. I would think he would have had favorable FB comments, if anything.
  4. Art20

    Hunting 3C late hunt

    Seriously? 😏
  5. Art20

    Hunting 3C late hunt

    Would that apply to unit 3A as well, you think? I'm virtually in the middle of 3A but was told 3C would be a better bet for bagging elk. I went out to an area in 3A off 277 & did see many tracks but folks I'm talking to is moving me to the rim area.
  6. Art20

    Hunting 3C late hunt

    I found something online, Arizona Guided Hunts. Anyone ever hear about them? I spoke with the guy & said he has an expert with 3a & 3c and there's about a 70% chance of landing a bull elk - I was expecting better odds. It's quite expensive but I figured it would be worth it, in the long run, if I plan on doing this in the future.
  7. Art20

    Hunting 3C late hunt

    I don't know, this is my first bull elk hunt. That's why I'm needing the help. Weren't about 300 tags issued for the late hunt?
  8. Art20

    Hunting 3C late hunt

    Sorry about this, I have a tag in 3A as well which is where I live but thought 3C was a better choice. Anyone in 3A? Does anyone have contact info for these fellas mentioned?
  9. Art20

    Hunting 3C late hunt

    This is my 1st hunt & it's the late bull elk end of November. Been driving around, boots on the ground & havent seen much, yet, & was thinking of a hiring a guide for this one. Anyone know of reputable guides they can recommend? They're expensive but figured theres a better chance & learning experience on this 1st hunt. I usually hunt small game it's not as difficult from the big game.
  10. I have 84 acres here in the white mountains & guess they all came up here. I'll be sitting on my porch with a homebrew taking them down.
  11. There's never too much information. About 40% has been belittling & badgering (some of it by you)
  12. Thanks, this is helpful. I was going to get a flat line map for 3a /3c to scout the areas. Has anyone used the Huntdata maps before? They're cheaper maps so not sure if they contain better/ or lack info flat line has. Unit 3A's close to me but I haven't heard too much about hunting this area, I've seen mostly Pronghorn in this area.
  13. Thanks 👍🙂 Lance mentioned to get a flatline map for the unit. Is this what you use? I heard the ranger station have unit maps as well....I would guess they're not as detailed as flatline, I'll check into it. Have you ever hunted 3a? I live there but have seen nothing - it's something I'll explore more as well as 3c
  14. The DOWs taking a hit boys. Hang in there, this is the time to sit tight & enjoy the ride. When it drops below 20k, buy - I did this in 08 when it dropped to 6k.