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  1. CGow

    ISO 2016 F150 Truck Cap

    2015-2020 should work if there are any floating around on CWT
  2. Anyone looking to get rid of their 2016 compatible truck cap? Need one for a 6.5’ bed, preferably black.
  3. CGow

    Free Reclinable Couch

    Picked up 👍🏼
  4. CGow

    Free Reclinable Couch

    I know the “Pay it forward” might have been a better place to put this, but I need this couch out of here asap. I have it up for sale on the usual sites but it’s free for anyone here on CWT. Need gone by the end of tomorrow, Wednesday, if possible. Worst case scenario I’ll take it to Goodwill. Major cross streets are 51st and Cactus.
  5. CGow

    Free bear hide and skull

    If it falls through I would be interested.
  6. Did the arrow saw end up getting sold? If not I’ll take it
  7. CGow

    Vortex Raxor 12x50

    Do you have pics?
  8. CGow

    Vortex Viper 8x42 HD

    What country do they say on the bottom?