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  1. Are you all finding them more heavily on the north-facing slopes or not really?
  2. Hmm, sounds like I really need to learn the area first before considering that. Were the deer coming in mornings and evenings usually?
  3. 180ls1

    san carlos bear rug

    Nice! Hunted there a couple years back. Didn't end up seeing anything. The whole experience was underwhelming to be honest.
  4. Thats great info thank you! Do you sit water specifically? I guess that would depend on how reliably they are coming to drink. I was thinking of sitting a hill above water so I can take advantage of them coming to drink and them just being in the general area.
  5. Thanks for the info! So if you were me you'd jump over to 18b or somewhere else? I don't mind driving I just chose a spot close to where my client is.
  6. The big Mtn range south of Kingman. Thinking of working the lower half of both the range and elevation.
  7. Good to know. Thanks for all your help so far. If your avatar is any indication I'll make sure I bring pleany of water haha!
  8. Interesting, I'd love to get a velvet buck some day. Do they move/migrate up elevation in the heat? I'll be hunting at 4Kish elevation + or - 1K but have the chance to go up to 8k. Is that even needed? I'm thinking my best glassing will be at 5k or lower despite it being warmer. Thoughts?
  9. I live in CA (there goes all the help lol). One of my clients is in AZ so after meeting with them I want to get some hunting in. When you glass are you pretty close to water?
  10. Thanks for the lengthy information filled reply. Thats the issue, I am going to a place I have never been before but there *is* water (according the a map of springs). I'll probably glass, cover miles truck/atv and check out as many springs as possible without killing myself. I am also not sure of what elevation band the bucks will be in. Do they move up in the heat? I'll be on the mountain south of where it says you live.
  11. Those who hunt the August OTC deer season (or just know how they behave) do you sit water or just spot and stalk early morning/late evening? With temps around 100* I am trying to learn how to best hunt em.