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  1. Dell Oliv

    Garmin Hunt VS ONX

    Hello I am thinking about getting the garmin Montana with in reach and would use the garmin hunting map instead of onx. Lately on my hunts Onx has acted up I was seeing the Pros and Cons of switching.
  2. Dell Oliv

    Its Time To Change the Arizona Bonus Point System

    Are you putting in for the trophy units? I know people that get drawn every other year or every year for deer. bighorn is understandable that will be pretty much any state for unless you pay to go to Mexico or Canada. Same with pronghorn because the heard's are so small here. If you are interested in pronghorn you can buy land owner vouchers in New Mexico Texas and other plain states.
  3. Dell Oliv

    Its Time To Change the Arizona Bonus Point System

    I think Arizona Point system is very fair compared to draws in the west. The only true fair draw would be something like New Mexico where it is all 100% random. But that has created it own problems through out the hunting community there.
  4. Dell Oliv

    Its Time To Change the Arizona Bonus Point System

    dang what unit did you put in for that you got it for 7 points?
  5. Dell Oliv

    History help

    learn something new every day!
  6. Dell Oliv

    WTB 300 RUM Hornady Precision Hunter

    I have 2 boxes of 180 grain outfitter that i accidentally bought.
  7. Dell Oliv

    36B didn't disappoint!

  8. I have been scoring all over 20b southern part of it looking for mule deer and have been hiking deep into areas to get away from the roads. I also have set up cameras on the drinkers and springs out there and nothing. Usually I can at least find some decent bucks in the past few years but this year it is like they have turned into ghost. I am thinking of heading up to around crown king to scout this weekend. Any one have any suggestions for that unit. PS I started scouting in October for this hunt and have had no luck.
  9. Dell Oliv

    Predator Call Choices

    Thank you all for your advice!
  10. With the weather starting to cool down I am going to start getting out predator hunting. I usually just target coyotes but this year I would like to try to target bobcats and also foxes. What advice do you all have? I usually use rabbit in distress on my fox pro what other calls would you suggest I try out. Any other tips would be great as well! Thank you in advance.