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  1. there are a number of reloading company's in fla. that has them in stock
  2. 50Caliber

    .338 winmag

    see murphy's law what will go wrong will go wrong at the most wrong time. Has not happen yet and as above knock on wood but since you stated powder jammed up the works will try to remember to carry a can of air to blow out the action
  3. 50Caliber

    .338 winmag

    well so far has not happened yet knock on wood. but if it does ether use a skinny stick if in woods hunting or at range use the cleaning rod to knock out the slug. and yes I know the some full size and swear by it and some neck size for their rounds fired out of their bolt action rifles. But doubt it will happen pretty much double check every step from the sizing die to crimp But Murphy's law rules
  4. 50Caliber

    .338 winmag

    I have one a howa 1500 changed the barrel to 28 inches long 1-9 3/4 twist likes the 225 sstbp mag primer 72 grains h4831sc does wonders upto 1800 meters with a 300 hpbt mag primer 78 grains of h4831sc almost does the same as the 225 I neck size only and the bullets engage the rifling then the case slides up. had no problem with overpressure the kick not bad well not as bad has my 460 whby
  5. 50Caliber

    Bloodiest Guns

    my old 300 whby mag-2 Alaskan browns, 10 Moose, 15 Caribou, the lower 48 a lot of Muley's, white tails, and elk. Africa, 4 greater Eland, 3 cape, 6 Wildebeast 338 win.mag A high number of white tails, bunch of Muley's, and elk
  6. 50Caliber


    on your first time read the directions 2 to 6 times then do a few dry runs then take your time do not rush. I have done a number of ar 15/10 also 1911s always use the metal 80% for the ar 80% al. is fine when I do the 1911s I use the harden steel 80%. Enjoy and have fun
  7. 50Caliber

    Recommend me a Meat Slicer

    would a sharp knife do or a chain saw
  8. 50Caliber

    Someone take my 3 girls hunting

    would 2 miles be ok
  9. 50Caliber

    Pics to get your blood pumping!

    some nice spreads there
  10. tempting got one last year I am praying hoping for a musk ox ether this year or any year
  11. 50Caliber

    5B wolf

    best way to fall asleep to is the wolfs howl Listen to them a lot and the coyotes when they sing
  12. Aw clear I use a die from lee it is the rifle/pistol neck expanding die only off and on I use a lipstick round and must open the neck a tad more to seat it right easy to use . check out the powder from finland for the 45/70 they have some nice loads for the 45/70 VihtaVuori is the name I have not used my 45/70 in years I use this powder in my 300 whby mag each slug has 2 to 3 loads for this powder burns clean check them out
  13. cfe blk 40 grains to 48 grains 500 slug 1400 to1650 psi 36,700 to 51,100 psi a nice flame thrower and yes it does kick as for the 45-70 pistol load no help there about all I can say is cut the rifle load down a tad till your comfy
  14. 50Caliber

    Factory Ammo

    the 180 to 190 do fine from 500 to 1000 as far as the 200/to 210 I said reasonable that is why the barrel I have with the 1-11 is in a corner and I installed one with the 1-8