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    Hoyt RX3 Complete package $900 READ**

    It’s a 2019, let off is 85% I’m pretty sure
  2. kwet239

    Hoyt RX3 Complete package $900 READ**

    Ya it pretty much severed itself
  3. kwet239

    Hoyt RX3 Complete package $900 READ**

    He said he wanted it, I removed it on all the places i had listed to sale... purchased my new bow.... He came over and wanted to shoot it a couple of times and Bam this happened, suddenly he decides to wait on buying a bow. Classic
  4. kwet239

    Vortex and Nightforce SHV

    Pm sent
  5. Selling my Hoyt RX3 bow everything pictured is included except the sight, I changed it to a IQ range finder sight. Needs to be dialed in. Set up RH 29.5 DL, 65lbs.....only shot in back yard,,,tried to get a pic of the strings, has some wear on strings. $1100 shipped TYD text 4323126545 Bow Hoyt Sabilizer Hoyt QAD ultrarest Hoyt soft bag IQ rangefinder sight PSE 3in extension Scott wild cat 2 release everything you need to get going
  6. updated post to SPF before getting any pms. Seems to me people need to read the post. Need to work on some rules for that
  7. Sorry guys been out a couple of days.... ended up selling to a friend of mine. SOLD PLEASE DELETE
  8. kwet239

    Helinox Cot Max

    Cleaning out the garage... I’ve used this a handful of times. It’s awesome. We bought a camper and I haven’t used it in 2 years. I’ll try to get some pics of the actual one. Retails $429. Selling for $280 shipped
  9. kwet239

    Looking to trade/sell Outdoorsmans tripod setup

    I’ve got a vortex viper 15-45x60. Used 1 time
  10. Looking for upgraded glass and a Outdoorsmans Pan head. Have the following items for sale or trade. In Texas but willing to ship/ pay shipping. Can add money to make a deal! You can call or text me @432-312-6545 or reply Sirui tripod with Va5 fluid head and plates Vortex Fury HD 5000 range finding binos S&W model 29 factory engraved 44 mag
  11. I didn’t think it was bad I just haven’t really wanted to go through the whole trade in and wait process.
  12. Budsgunshop offered 850 trade in. Looking to get that. They are selling for about 1200 on gun broker
  13. Selling my Vortex viper 15-45x65 straight spotting scope. Used one time on one trip decided a spotter wasnt for me. Went straight into the Neo cover and never left. Want to go with a higher power bino instead. $550 TYD OBO. Text also at 432-312-6545
  14. Used this release about 10 times and went with a carter release. $55 TYD. 432-312-6545
  15. kwet239


    Interested in trades?
  16. kwet239

    For Sale- Vortex Vulture HD 15x56

    Still for sale??
  17. kwet239

    Looking to trade/sell Outdoorsmans tripod setup

    How much if you wanted to just sale the package
  18. kwet239

    Vortex Kaibab HD 15x56

    Interested if it falls through
  19. kwet239

    Looking to trade/sell Outdoorsmans tripod setup

    I’ve got a set of Vortex Fury HD5000
  20. kwet239

    Used Mint Swarovski SLC10x42 HD 1250$ Sold PF

    Interested in gun trades? I’ve got a S&W model 29 factory engraved 44 mag. Values around 1300-1500 I would trade.