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    I bought my first gen2 a year ago, just got into hunting and didn’t know anything about mrad, or Ffp and Sfp. Lol, after watching some YouTube videos and taking it to the range I’ll never go back. Just download a ballistics calculator on your phone. You put in your round and scope. Then all you have to do is put in your range and it’s dead on. It makes you so much more confident in your shots. Last year made a 350 yard shot perfect. I’m not a good shooter but the equipment makes up for it. But I understand if your budget doesn’t allow. However I learned after my first purchase not knowing what I was doing. I should have spent a little more and got the gen 2 to begin with. Feel free to call me and I’ll give you any info or advice. I’m in no way a pro, but I was like you a few years ago and happy to share what I learned to help you not make the same mistakes I did.
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    Congrats and welcome! Do you have a budget in mind? Text me if you would like some pics of anything... 432-312-6545 Ive got a couple of options Ive got a Vortex viper pst gen2 FFP mrad 5-25x50 very clean condition. This is the best scope you can buy for the money. I have 4 of them and love them. Would sale for $750. I’ve had the SFP Vortex you listed and the gen 2 is way better in every way. You want adjustable turrets. I also have a cheaper option for scope. Baraska 6-24x60IR SFP. Cosmetically it has a few scratches. Would sale for $250 For Binos I have a set of set of Maven B5 18x56, $1k, this Might be a little more than what you need?? I have a spare ranger finder it’s a Sig 1250 6x20mm $150
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    WTB 15x56 binos or 18x56

    I’ve got a very clean set of Maven B5 18x56. Pm if intrested
  4. I bought this installed and then decided I wanted the Tall version. This is the short, this adds 12.5in of height to your tripod. I can ship it back for a refund but thought I would see if someone on here wants to save a little off new. $100 TYD F&F.....I’m in Texas
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    WTT Maven C.3 12X50 for 10X50

    I figured haha worth a shot. Good luck!
  6. kwet239

    WTT Maven C.3 12X50 for 10X50

    I won them and wanting 12s
  7. kwet239

    WTT Maven C.3 12X50 for 10X50

    I’ve got a brand new set of Vortex Diamondback HD. 17 eye relief. Any interest in trading?
  8. Catch and release deal. My buddy made me a steal on a set of NL. So looking to unload these quick. I’ll leave these on for a couple days and if they don’t get any bites I’ll throw them on eBay. They come with the AGC bino harnes. All the factory goodies. Swarovski 12x50EL Swarovski and swarovision 2050 shipped and insured, F&F or cover the fees
  9. Selling my Vortex Razor 10x50 Binos plus AGC Kodiak with Max pocket. Picked up a set of Swaroskis is the reason Vortex Binos-glass is about as perfect as you can get. I don’t notice any imperfections. Like scuff on rubberized coating is all I can find. Used 2x AGC harness first lite camo, fits up to 12x50, harness was swapped out with FHF harness used 2x $900 TYD.... located in Texas, price includes shipping
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    Vortex Razor 10x50 plus AGC harness

    Sold delete
  11. kwet239

    WTT: Nock 2 It for Silverback tension

    how much are you asking for a cash price/ship.... My phone is 4323126545 to text if you want... ready to buy
  12. SOLD*****DELETE Selling my 8 month old set of Swaro 10x50el Field pro package. They have sat in my gun safe. Only been out 2x trying them in the back yard. I just got them back from Outdoorsmans having the stud installed. I bought them to use this hunting season and decided I wanted a pair of the 12x50el instead, which I just bought. So they are a very clean set saving you lots of money off brand new. $2250 TYD shipped and insured. Located in TX. Make me an offer before they go on ebay.
  13. kwet239

    ISO Swarovski 10x42 HD’s

    I’ve got a pair of swaro 10x50el. couple months old with Outdoorsmans stud installed. Pm me if intrested
  14. kwet239

    Outdoorsmans Medium Tripod

    Selling an Outdoorsmans medium tripod. The center post was cut about 5in to allow it to be closer to the ground. I bought off the forum, with plans to have a friend hunt with me, but he has since backed out. Good working condition. Normal bumps and scuff from the back country. I bought a few months ago and it hasn’t left my office. $300 F&F TYD
  15. kwet239

    German Shorthair Pointer Puppies

    My GSP is full Liver just like yours. Beautiful dogs! Free bump for a great breed of dogs. We love ours
  16. Have a 2 month old set of 10x50EL. Decided I would like just a little more magnification. Anyone want to step down and trade??
  17. Selling my old tripod setup. T-004kx tripod $99.99 Va5 head $169 3 plates $39 ea whole package $210 TYD
  18. Selling my older Firstlite Wilkin. Faded from wash but lots of hunt left size XL. In Texas. $50 shipped to your door
  19. I’ve got a New Spare outdoorsman Pan head and would like to try out a Pistolgrip head. Anyone want to trade their Pistolgrip plus $120 for my panhead?