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  1. JBurgessXXX

    New flooring guy and carpet cleaner needed

    I agree with you. First, you need to make a proper presentation and introduce yourself.
  2. JBurgessXXX


    Hey there, do you sell ammo ? i’m looking a cheap 6.5 creed ammo for Weatherby sa08, i remember when i went with my friends to a hunting trip last year i used my Weatherby sa08 with 7mm-08 ammo and my friend with same rifle but with 7mm-08 ammo and we both made a compression, i tried 7mm-08 ammo for first time on my rifle and actually it wasn't good and accurate as 7mm-08 ammo, that is what my friend said too he felt that the recoil is heavier with 7mm-08 ammo. I read about it here https://bulkmunitions.com/what-are-the-parts-of-ammunition/ , i hope you have some or you can suggest me a cheap online store.
  3. JBurgessXXX

    sig sauer range finder

    yeah, I totally agree, it is too expensive at least for today, but two years ago the price was nice for it. Now many different optics appeared. I am a professional hunter and I am happy that progress is that fast. now very many new modes appeared. for example now for night hunting just a digital scope is enough. And best night vision scopes are much less expensive thank it was in the past. And the quality is not bad at all. I use for a year and a half already a scope
  4. JBurgessXXX

    Two Sets of Women's Golf Clubs

    A wonderful set for golf. It is such a pity I missed it( I wanted so bad to buy a used set for golf because their price is so high and I am not a professional to spend a lot of money on golf sets. The average cost of golf clubs is between $200 – $400, depending on the type of clubs you need. Golf clubs can cost as little as $2 for a used putter, or $600+ for a brand new driver. But what can I say? I hope I will find an affordable one on the forum windtreegolf.com/. Because they talk there only about golf so for sure I will find one.