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  1. NonRes&Green

    How Long Do You Glass?

    Thanks everyone for the replies. If I wanted to improve my glassing abilities then where would I start? I don't live in an area that great for glassing practice.
  2. NonRes&Green

    How Long Do You Glass?

    yes, not a very good tripod and not very good glass either. I am trying to improve my equipment quality for next time for sure.
  3. NonRes&Green

    How Long Do You Glass?

    Well, I am a long time viewer of the site and decided to join. My name will probably make sense after this question, but how long do you glass? Had my first Arizona hunt in 27 this past Jan - tons of fun but no deer. Saw 2 good Coues bucks and 1 small Mule buck. About 40 -50 deer total. We looked over a lot of country. No, probably didn't get far enough off the road. Yes, got winded 200 yards into our hikes when we did try to get off the road and as solution, mostly drove up and down the FS roads with everyone else because we had no idea what we were doing. After returning home and doing research, I am noticing a common theme - glassing for long periods of time. We glassed maybe 45 minutes tops at each spot. Just not used to looking through glass in the South. What is your strategy for glassing? How long do you look over a spot for? After how much glassing do you move spots? Might return to 27, how would you glass it? Should we of seen more than 3 bucks in all that country? I'm in it for Coues or mule as I have never shot any western deer. Thank you guys! This site has helped start a love for Arizona Deer hunting and I can't wait to be back to this awesome state!