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  1. Lmute

    Last Minute 36B Tips

    Norm555, I’m taking my nephew on his very first javelina hunt in Jan. In 36a/b/c. Not super familiar with the areas . Do you mind DMing me the general area you saw javelina? I’ve done a little bit of white tail hunting in the NW corner of the unit but I’ve never seen pig.
  2. Lmute

    2020 Unit 10 antelope

    It was not like it use to be, or what I’ve been told it use to be. Very few antelope are in the big bo anymore.. I did fill my tag on the 8th day though! Not quite Pope and Young but it’s my first archery kill so it’s a trophy to me! good luck out there everyone!
  3. Lmute

    2020 Unit 10 antelope

    Congrats on the tag! After diving into to some more maps it seems like the Diamond A ranch is part of the big Bo. I think the plan is to scout the more public ranches and learn habits as well as spot and stalk strategies. I’m able to be out there the whole duration of the hunt so turning in my tag isn’t in my plan.
  4. Lmute

    2020 Unit 10 antelope

    I think I had 4 or 5. I was caught off guard when I got drawn for sure.
  5. Lmute

    Unit 7 Antelope tag

    We had a late season elk unit in 7w in 2019. We saw a herd of about 50-75 south of the 180 between red mountain and ebert mountain. They seem to like to cross the 180. We also saw another 20 or so from smith tank (just off red hill road) looking NE towards juniper ridge. They were on the edge of the junipers along flats working their way up a hill . Not sure this will help because of how they move between winter and summer grounds. Get set up with some good optics and spend the time glassing. I was lucky enough to get an archery antelope tag for unit 10. I’m also on the same research campaign. Best of luck!
  6. Hello all, Tons of firsts for me here, first time on the forum, first antelope hunt and first time hunting Unit 10. Im trying to figure out where to hunt / starting point for scouting. I’m on google earth and OnX trying to make sense of all the ranches , public lands and private lands as I debate hunting on the big Boquillas. Does anyone have any maps (or a napkin sketch) that show the other ranch boundaries ? So far I thing I’ve been able to ID the Big Bo, Babbitt and Perrin but looking for Diamond A. I hear the whole unit is prime for antelope but can’t decide if it’s worth the fees to go on the big Bo. Any area recommendations, hunting tactics, or general wisdom about hunting antelope in this unit would be greatly appreciated.