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  1. fjnlsa11

    Minox BL 15x56

    I sent a PM, if these are still available. Thank you.
  2. fjnlsa11

    Warning: Scammers Contacting Users

    That was my other concern, the person that contacted me is new with no content. I am new as well. I only joined the forum because I am looking for a difficult to find binocular (Docter Optic 15x60) that is popular with hunters, at least it used to be. I have plans to use it for astronomy.
  3. fjnlsa11

    Warning: Scammers Contacting Users

    It's not the TexasBinoMan you are referring to -- I already had contacted him about the binocular I was looking for, prior to putting up my wanted post here. The person who contacted me through this forum is not legit and I am convinced they are not from the United States. They tend to use certain language/verbiage in their email communication that gives them away.
  4. fjnlsa11

    Warning: Scammers Contacting Users

    Based on the email response I could tell they weren't from the United States. Scammers usually will choose a random location nearby (in this case Texas). Also, scammers usually have a specific way they communicate that gives them away (unless you aren't familiar with their methods). Anyway, I just wanted warn other members, because some people are not as aware unfortunately and that is why scammers continue to operate.
  5. Just a reminder about scammers. I posted a want ad in classifieds for binoculars. I was contacted by a new user. The user replied with this message: Hi you can reach out to mike in texas he has the Binoculars for sale this is his email address jasonmike437@gmail.com good luck. It looked like a scam response, but I emailed anyway just to confirm. I didn't use my primary email so I wasn't concerned about getting spammed. Anyway, sure enough, the person sent me photos of binoculars that sold already 2 years ago on another website forum.
  6. fjnlsa11

    Found 15x60 Binoculars

    found. post can be deleted. thank you.