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    NM Unit 23 Mule Deer 2020

    Gentlemen, Having been in a motorcycle accident last year, I am hoping someone can help me keep a few miles off of my hip by leading me in the right direction for a NM Unit 23 archery mulie hunt. This hunt will be my first act as a civilian after nearly 24 years on active duty since the first day of the hunt corresponds with my first day on the retirement rolls (woo hoo!). My tag does not allow me into the Burro Mountain Hunt Area, but the rest of the unit is fair game. I am willing to abide by "no shoot" restrictions if you are willing to put me in an area you have been running trail cams; a satellite buck will feed my family just fine. I have heard there are bucks in the southern portion of the unit, but they're hard to find (meaning fewer hunters in my mind). Thank you for any help you can offer. Kind regards, JD
  2. workin247365

    NM Unit 23 Mule Deer 2020

    PRDATR, I attempted to message you without success. When I hit 'submit' a message popped up stating that you cannot receive messages. Am I doing something wrong?