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  1. coueselk

    Az B&C Rams

    Yep, bonus points suck for old guys. Here's my boys 9 bonus point ram from last year. 18 year old dream hunt. All expenses paid, plus taxidermy. You know what I mean. Was a freakin blast!
  2. coueselk

    Son's first coues.

    Excellent job. Congrats.
  3. My son Chase was able to finally harvest his first archery deer a few days ago. After years of unsuccessful attempts, he was able to finally seal the deal. I'm so proud of his accomplishment. Not only his first deer, but a coues buck. He also officially beat me on taking a larger buck via archery. Wish I could have been there to share the moment. But at least got the phone call from halfway across the world. Love that boy! Anyway, wanted to share his accomplishment with everyone.
  4. coueselk

    31/32 Ram

    Excellent ram. Glad we could help. I know Chase was probably as excited as you were. Even for the second time.
  5. coueselk

    46BE Quality

    Nice one!!! Congratulations!
  6. coueselk

    My Son's 2016 Desert Bighorn

    Thanks everyone. He has good chance now for a grand slam. Since he is only 18 and just pulled one of the toughest draws ever. No words can explain his emotion when the sheep rolled over the edge of the canyon. Knowing he just took him. My emotion was oh $hit, it just went over the cliff. But that was dads worry of how to get to him.
  7. coueselk

    Awesome ram for a good friend

  8. coueselk

    My Son's 2016 Desert Bighorn

    Here's a few more photos. It was taken in unit 31, Aravaipa Canyon.
  9. coueselk

    My Son's 2016 Desert Bighorn

    AZG&F aged him at 9-10 years. Had multiple persons check him. As the damage was making it hard for them to age. He is beat up pretty good on the back of the horns.
  10. My son took his desert bighorn on opening morning. Lots of hard work scouting paid off. Was about the best hunt I have ever been on. Watching him take the ram and the excitement afterward. Memories to last a lifetime.
  11. coueselk

    Bighorn Tag

    Thanks all. Now the wait to see if me or my boy for bragging rights.
  12. coueselk

    Bighorn Tag

    Would love a Rocky. But either will do. Will be really nice addition to the man-cave.
  13. coueselk

    37A or 31/32

    Congrats. Feels really good doesn't it.
  14. coueselk

    Bighorn Tag

    27/28 or 31/32. Needed to keep it in the areas I know and grew up in.