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    I wanna be a

    Dear Gamehauler and Coues 'n' Sheep, you guys are to much. I hope I never pee-off either of you. From a flatlander wishin he was a highlander!
  2. Thanks Mike for this new POST today. It has made my day looking at so many good trail pictures. Thanks to all that replied. It even took my mind off my bum shoulder for awhile.
  3. That's one of my favorite shots you have taken. You have gotten real good at this the past couple of years. I can't wait for you to start teaching me with my new cam-trail. YOU ARE, RIGHT?
  4. tjhunt2

    A Good Weekend

    Congratulations and thanks posting your hunt. I'm laid up in the house from shoulder surgery and can't get out to be with friends this turkey hunt and thank you for letting me ride with you on yours. Get a camera with a delay and enjoy pictures with you in them. Wishin I was huntin!
  5. tjhunt2

    New issue

    This is a subject I was hoping would not surface for some time. I for one have enjoyed the use of putting out salt and bait, not only for the sake of hunting but believe the salt benefits the animals year long during the off season. Yes, I do believe as hunters, we need to stick together no matter what choice of weapon we prefer to hunt with. As someone said yearlier, once we loose it we can kiss it goodbye. Now that this subject has been mentioned we as hunters must monitor this more closely. The joy and excitement of watching wildlife coming in to one of my honey holes has brought me more pleasre than any animal shot and I don't want to loose this either.
  6. tjhunt2

    Finished my Bronze

    That is something to really to be proud of. Keep up the good work and I wish you success with your new profession.
  7. tjhunt2

    Any one know 22 south

    Thanks Gamehauler for turning me on to CouesWhitetail.com. Since I'm fresh off rotator-cup surgery, I will have lots of time to improve on my computer skills being I will be off work for at least another 3 months. The doctor feels it will be a maybe on pulling my bow by Nov. I will use my feet if I have to. Thanks for your continueos support as always. Good luck on your 22n bull tag. tjhunt2!
  8. tjhunt2

    Any one know 22 south

    Thank you for the warm welcome. Gamehauler turned me on to this site. He must have told you about my application mistake. I was disappointed for the guys on my application, since it was my fault, but also was greatfull with the 22S archery bull tag since so many others never drew. I've never hunted it before and know I have my home work cut out for me. Thanks for asking for some info on my behalf. I greatly appreciate that. I was so surprised that someone would do that for another hunter especially one you've never met. While I'm at it I would like to commend you on the article you wrote on your friend Jason. That was a very nice thing to do. tjhunt2!