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  1. tjhunt2

    Tony Mandile - Outdoor Writer

    Thanks Amanda for posting. Tony was a good friend and I will miss him dearly. We talked frequently and he enjoyed sharing his cooking, on facebook, up to the end. I moved to Az in the early 70s and I read lots of his articles over the years. I had the good fortune to share his last hunt with him. RIP my friend. TJ
  2. tjhunt2

    Javelina double

    Thanks for sharing and congratulations! TJ😁
  3. tjhunt2

    Wyoming antelope success

    Thanks for sharing Tommy. Sounds like it was an awesome experience. Nice buck! TJ😁
  4. tjhunt2

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all my CWT friends! May your Holidays be blessed with good health and a safe one. TJ😁
  5. tjhunt2

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Doug and Clover!
  6. tjhunt2

    2023 Guideline Recommendations

    Thanks, taken care of! TJ🙂
  7. tjhunt2

    2 cows opening day!!

    BIG congratulations! TJ🙂
  8. tjhunt2

    2023 Guideline Recommendations

    Thank you Andrew for your interest and submitting recommendations for the 2023-2028 hunt guidelines. I read all your recommendations. You definitely have a lot of good points, but with all due respect, I believe we have to be careful recommending some things because somethings usually never are reinstated once taken away. I’m referring to just a few things. 1. Eliminating crossbows as allowable archery equipment isn’t something I would recommend but I’m ok with tightening requirements for obtaining a crossbow. 2. I’m not in favor of restricting hunting over manmade water. 3. I wouldn’t recommend reducing archery elk season to 1 week. Like I said, once taken away, usually we never get reinstated what we’ve lost. Just my humble opinion. TJ🙂
  9. tjhunt2

    Every once in a while

    I like seeing posts like this. Nothing like getting our next generation involved in the outdoors. Good job! TJ😁
  10. tjhunt2

    Pinetop over Memorial Day

    Good luck Doug! All your pictures are awesome. TJ
  11. tjhunt2

    My Sheep Hunt

    Again, congratulations and thanks for sharing. Maybe someday I will get the chance.😁 TJ
  12. tjhunt2

    41W Sheep 2019

    Congratulations on a beauty of a ram. Didn’t know you drew because I haven’t been on here in a while. So happy for you!😀
  13. Wow, this is amazing. Congratulations on a very nice ram. I’m pushing 70 and I better draw quick before I fall apart. TJ
  14. tjhunt2


    Congratulations on an awesome ram and thanks for sharing with us all. I’ve been putting in ever since I moved here from Ohio. There were a few years I couldn’t put in but have 28bp as of now. TJ
  15. tjhunt2

    Losing Little by Little!

    Thanks Swivelhead, it’s good to be back on hear. The streak is still alive.