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  1. tjhunt2

    Javelina double

    Thanks for sharing and congratulations! TJ😁
  2. tjhunt2

    Wyoming antelope success

    Thanks for sharing Tommy. Sounds like it was an awesome experience. Nice buck! TJ😁
  3. tjhunt2

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all my CWT friends! May your Holidays be blessed with good health and a safe one. TJ😁
  4. tjhunt2

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Doug and Clover!
  5. tjhunt2

    2023 Guideline Recommendations

    Thanks, taken care of! TJ🙂
  6. tjhunt2

    2 cows opening day!!

    BIG congratulations! TJ🙂
  7. tjhunt2

    2023 Guideline Recommendations

    Thank you Andrew for your interest and submitting recommendations for the 2023-2028 hunt guidelines. I read all your recommendations. You definitely have a lot of good points, but with all due respect, I believe we have to be careful recommending some things because somethings usually never are reinstated once taken away. I’m referring to just a few things. 1. Eliminating crossbows as allowable archery equipment isn’t something I would recommend but I’m ok with tightening requirements for obtaining a crossbow. 2. I’m not in favor of restricting hunting over manmade water. 3. I wouldn’t recommend reducing archery elk season to 1 week. Like I said, once taken away, usually we never get reinstated what we’ve lost. Just my humble opinion. TJ🙂
  8. tjhunt2

    Every once in a while

    I like seeing posts like this. Nothing like getting our next generation involved in the outdoors. Good job! TJ😁
  9. tjhunt2

    Pinetop over Memorial Day

    Good luck Doug! All your pictures are awesome. TJ
  10. tjhunt2

    My Sheep Hunt

    Again, congratulations and thanks for sharing. Maybe someday I will get the chance.😁 TJ
  11. tjhunt2

    41W Sheep 2019

    Congratulations on a beauty of a ram. Didn’t know you drew because I haven’t been on here in a while. So happy for you!😀
  12. Wow, this is amazing. Congratulations on a very nice ram. I’m pushing 70 and I better draw quick before I fall apart. TJ
  13. tjhunt2


    Congratulations on an awesome ram and thanks for sharing with us all. I’ve been putting in ever since I moved here from Ohio. There were a few years I couldn’t put in but have 28bp as of now. TJ
  14. tjhunt2

    Losing Little by Little!

    Thanks Swivelhead, it’s good to be back on hear. The streak is still alive.
  15. tjhunt2

    Losing Little by Little!

    Howdy Edge, been awhile since I’ve been on here.