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  1. tjhunt2

    Pray for Daisy

    Thoughts and prayers for this little girl. So sad such a terrible thing like this had to happen.
  2. tjhunt2

    Draysen's Kansas Turkey Hunt

    Big congratulations Draysen. It was fun following along on your hunt. Definitely a good memory in the bank for sure. Big kudos dad. 😊 TJ
  3. tjhunt2

    Great Sonora coues hunt

    Congratulations Tommy! Sounds like a really good time was had by all. 😊 TJ
  4. tjhunt2


  5. Nice looking bird for sure. TJ
  6. tjhunt2

    Sleep Number Bed/Please read my last post

    Here is an update on our Select/Comfort Sleep Number Bed. Talk about being embarrassed is an understatement here. When the buyer came to pick the bed up we found stains we weren't aware of. The buyer and his wife decided they wouldn't buy it. Totally understandable and embarrassed on our part for not catching this. The bed was bought back in 2004 and we believe the stains came from our nephews and nieces when they were babies visiting. We looked in to the cleaning process and cleaned and sanitized the pillow top mattress according to the directions. We have it back on the market if anyone is interested. We have until this Friday to be clear of our house items so this won't be available after a few more days. All our other items you see here on cwt under classified by TJ will also be unavailable after a few days here as well. Thanks again for all of you cwt members that have helped us with removing and buying items during this transition. TJ
  7. tjhunt2


    ttt TJ
  8. tjhunt2

    Hard wood work bench/desk SOLD

    It's not as heavy as it appears. My wife and I carried it out of my den. I'm guessing around 50 lbs. TJ SOLD
  9. tjhunt2

    Hard wood work bench/desk SOLD

    Tropicalmulch.......I'm located in Mesa off Mesa Dr / 60. Petey.....................I have to be out of the house by this next Friday so I imagine it will be gone by next weekend, n2horns.................not sure what you mean about tonage? Thanks for looking. SOLD TJ
  10. My brother made this for my den but now that Im moving I dont have a need for it. Anyone of you need a good work desk? 86 long x 25.5 deep x 30 high. Would like to get $40 for it. Very well made. TJ SOLD
  11. tjhunt2

    Antique Twin Bed

    Price just reduced down to $75. TJ
  12. tjhunt2


    This like new Maytag washer is still available. TJ
  13. tjhunt2

    Some house furniture

    I'ld rather like to be farther north around the Payson area but haven't found a place yet. The basin will do for now. Just getting out of the valley will be a good start. TJ
  14. tjhunt2

    Small black dog

    Thanks for rotating the picture. Dog is still not found. TJ
  15. tjhunt2

    Some house furniture

    Combined tv/stand down from $185 reduced to $150. TJ