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  1. bohunr

    2021 archery coues deer

    Were you sitting water, salt or a trail? Awesome buck Congrats!
  2. bohunr

    Hunting out of a blind

    That was a good tank lots of activity! Congrats!
  3. bohunr

    Turned in elk tag.

    Is this from being signed up for the depredation hunts?
  4. Nice! Congratulations!
  5. This makes #10 with my bow, I still have the 2 new turkeys left to get and believe it or not I still needs my Coues Whitetail (with my bow I have one with a rifle) to finish off my Archery Big 10 and working on my Archery Big 13. Again without Great Friends and Family I would not have been able to make this happen.
  6. I know the Drawing Gods have been very kind to me to allow me to draw both of these tags and harvest both of these beautiful rams with my bow as well.
  7. I'm on a MiFi card in a remote location hopefully I will have real internet by next week. Thanks he's makes my Archery Dessert Bighorn Ram look tiny the body and horns are so much bigger!
  8. Hopefully I'll have time to elaborate but I just wanted to get a quick shout out to everyone that helped make my hunt a success! A Special thanks to my son JD, to my buddies Bill and Mike, Parker Colburn and my wife as well. Another special thank you to my guide Darr Colburn for putting us in the right places to get it accomplished. It's been a while since I've been on the boards and posted anything so this might take a few tries my internet crashed the first time I tried this. Enjoy!
  9. bohunr


    My 2005 Desert Bighorn Team
  10. I haven't been on the columns in a while glad I was able to get in on this raffle for a great cause and a great kid come on everybody see what you can do there are only a few days left. Glad I could help Hoghntr
  11. bohunr


    I drew a 6A/22North Rocky Mountain Bighorn Tag. Obviously from my icon pic 10 years ago I harvested my Desert Bighorn in 39 W with my bow with the help of some good friends!
  12. bohunr

    trail camera

    During the Elk Hunt in 4B this year someone stole a camera off of a tank that was locked and lag bolted to the tree from some people who had up several cameras and tree stands we met up there. They sat these tanks for morning and evening hunts so someone came during the mid day to steal it. We had several people come up to ours and look them over but were lucky enough not to have any of ours stolen. I'm planning on investing in some boxes myself for the easyier spots to get to. I guess we need to have seceret cameras, watching our cameras?
  13. bohunr

    Guess the Lion weight!

    Was the lion taken in Arizona? If it is an Arizona Lion it probably wouldn't be over 130 pounds.
  14. bohunr

    New 2011 mathew's bow

    It looks like it is a dual cam system? I still have my old Mattews LS that I hope to finish my Big 10 with this year! My son has the new Z7 which makes my bow look like it should be on the shelf. Our bag target wont even stop his arrows from blowing through.
  15. bohunr


    Looks Like a place where the deer and elk roam town called "Elk Park Medows" They had a huge bull several years ago that ran town that someone poached eventually. Some guy back east took it to the taxidermist and got nailed for it!