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  1. briant_az

    WTS bunk beds

    Looking to sell my boys bunk beds. We bought it a year ago on Amazon. Only selling because they have separate rooms now. Has some custom artwork on it done by a 3 and 4 year old. Couple scratches as well but nothing major. We paid $700 last year. Looking to get $350 for it. willing to give the buyer the mattresses also that did not come with it. They are in great shape and have always had a waterproof cover on them. Bedding not included. located in Chandler.
  2. Unfortunately my brother in law needs to sell his can am Maverick. Just posting to try and help him out. If you are interested please message me and I can give you his number. He’s asking 29k from his post on offer up… Unfortunately, we have to sell our side-by-side due to an accident I got into last November. I have the title in hand. It has always been garage kept. I have a new cover for it also. It has never been to the dunes or any type of sand. I have lots of upgrades on it. They will be listed below, please do not shoot me lowball offers or waste my time. You will have to have some type of proof of payment to be able to test drive. List of upgrades Kemimoto battery jump post Kemimoto noise reduction kit EVO- Magnus, turbo full back exhaust 3 in EVO- world best belt. It all has 2 hours on it. Optima oversized battery MTX stage five full stereo Bluetooth Full DOT Windshield K and N washable air filter S and B particle separator XTC plug and play turn signals auto canceling Fully street legal Shock therapy- gold series suspension Rpm blow off valve Kemimoto fender, flares front and back Lower door skins Razorback belt temperature gauge OME side mirrors Garman 8 inch tread SXS edition-it has walkie-talkie capability 5150-eyebrow turn signal light 32 inch tires has plenty of tread left 40 inch and 10 inch LED lightbars 5150- 2 4 foot Bluetooth control whips lifetime warranty. It is all app controlled will play to music. I have all the maintenance tools for it. I even have all the stuff for the next oil changed.
  3. briant_az

    Reloading press, scale, bullets, brass

    No sorry I don’t have any 204 brass
  4. briant_az

    Reloading press, scale, bullets, brass

    ttt updated with whats left
  5. I have the following reloading supplies for sale. Must be willing to pick up in Chandler AZ. 1000- CCI 450 Small Mag Rifle Primers $120 300- Hornady 20cal 32gr V-max $20/ea 300- Hornady 7mm 150gr Eld-x $45/ea (all same lot, one box is open) 67- Hornady 30cal 178gr Eld-x $30 73- Hornady 30cal 212gr Eld-x $30 200- Hornady 30cal 220gr Eld-x $50/ea (same lot) RCBS Matchmaster FL bushing dies 204 Ruger Brand new $150 1000- 9mm Jag brass new $150
  6. briant_az

    Pair of nice bucks for my boys.

    Congrats to your boys and you! Awesome bucks!
  7. briant_az

    WTT Euro mount for coues capes

    Back to the top for all the hunts that started yesterday. I’m still in need of a couple of capes!
  8. briant_az

    WTT Euro mount for coues capes

    Ttt Please let me know if you have a good cape you’d like to trade or even sell. Thanks!
  9. briant_az

    WTS Win AA and Rem STS hulls

    Sold. Thanks Shea. It was a pleasure meeting you. @CouesPursuit
  10. briant_az

    WTT Euro mount for coues capes

    Haha well there is always next year! I know guys that go to MX every year and can never get capes back across the border. I'll probably always need more!
  11. briant_az

    WTT Euro mount for coues capes

    So I guess I’m not going to get to buy a cape from you this year? 🤣
  12. briant_az

    WTT Euro mount for coues capes

    Thank you Dan! Hope all is well with you!
  13. If you've never handled a tikka, you need to. I have owned several over the years and I regret selling everyone of them. They are nice rifles and all the ones I owned were very accurate. If I bought a factory gun, it would be a tikka.
  14. briant_az

    Almost time

    Good luck and be safe!