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  1. briant_az


    where are you located?
  2. briant_az

    Glock 43 9X19MM

    Let me know if you’d sell just the gun and mags.
  3. briant_az

    Caribou Taxidermists?

    also you get a sweet plaque with the score on it free of charge.
  4. briant_az

    WTB Coues whitetail shed ( brown )

    You mean back point. hahaha
  5. briant_az

    Let's see ALL the cool stuff you've done with Javelina...

    That’s pretty sweet. How did you do that?
  6. briant_az


    I sent you a pm last night. Did you get it?
  7. briant_az

    help coues unit 24b

    First thing I noticed was his hat. We use apache for equipment all the time.
  8. briant_az

    WTS: Fox Pro Wildfire

    Let me know if for some reason it fall through with Matthews. I’ll still take it without the box.
  9. briant_az

    WTS: Fox Pro Wildfire

    If you still have the box and everything I’ll take it
  10. briant_az

    1st Archery Kill.

    If your not missing a bunch of arrows, your not having fun! Gotta love Javelina hunting!
  11. briant_az

    Rifle Rack for Polaris Ranger

    And if they don’t take it I will!
  12. briant_az

    Beretta O/U 20 gauge Perennia Grade III

    What a beautiful gun! Wish I had the cash to buy it. Good luck with the sale.
  13. briant_az

    Mature Coues Cape for Sale

    Do you ever come up to the valley?
  14. briant_az

    Couesnut 3rd Generation

    No picture of the buck on that plaque you made? Haha i still have your ice chest. I’ll try to get it back to you this week or next. I haven’t forgot about you, just been super busy! Brian
  15. briant_az

    Kansas 2019

    See if you taxidermist can find a radio collar to mount it with. I think that would be awesome.