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  1. briant_az

    Father/Daughter Speedgoat Quest

    Congrats to you and Taylor! Sounds like a lot of walking but memories that will last a lifetime.
  2. briant_az

    Nice Boar

    Congrats buddy!
  3. I can’t believe someone hasn’t bought this already. Lance is a super good dude and I’m sure this this is in great shape. Wish I had the money!
  4. briant_az

    FirstLite Gear and 6.5cm Rifle/Scope for sale

    So sorry to hear about your daughter, glad she’s okay! I have a son that is a little jerk to our dog. This is my worst fear.
  5. briant_az

    Arizona Taxidermy Training

    I couldn't agree more, that's the only reason that I am second guessing the class. I would like to learn from someone local, but its hard to do with a full time job and two little ones at home.
  6. briant_az

    Arizona Taxidermy Training

    Just curious if any members have ever gone to the classes at Arizona Taxidermy Training in Show Low. I plan on going to some of the classes but its expensive and would really like to make sure that it's worth the cost.
  7. briant_az

    Need help, Clever pest control company names.

    You sir, have proved my point. You're a better man than me for sure! I wouldn't step foot in that apartment.
  8. briant_az

    Need help, Clever pest control company names.

    Your smart for not wanting to be that guy. I had a pest control business for a little over 5 years. Bed bugs is one thing I never did. You can make some really good money, but it wasn't worth it to me. I don't ever want those nasty things in my house! Are you going to treat termites? There is also some good money to be made in termite control. It's a little more labor intensive, but its worth it! I have been out of the game for about 5 years now, but if you have any questions please let me know and I'll help the best I can.
  9. briant_az

    Timber Mesa Outdoors

    Another happy customer here. Junior is an awesome dude. He helped me a ton last year!
  10. briant_az


    AZDiaomndHeat Sent you a pm
  11. briant_az


    AZ Diamondheat Sent you a pm
  12. I would really like to buy a side by side this year. I'd really like to hear from people that have owned a Ranger or a General. Looking at the 1000 in both. I think the General would be a lot more fun for the family (and me) but want one for hunting purposes also. I've heard the Generals are louder than the Ranger, and that's not good for hunting! On the same note I'm not a road hunter but with 2 small children, I may be doing more sightseeing on hunts than actually hunting in the next couple of years. Also for those of you that have bought them what is the actual price point for each of them. I've looked around online, but just like cars it seems those prices are skewed a little. Any input you guys may have, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Brian
  13. briant_az

    Free to good home

    Looks like it found a home. I'll update if anything changes.
  14. briant_az

    Free to good home

    I probably used this pack for 10 years. It was a great pack and if someone could return it to Horn Hunter and get the torn mesh pockets fixed, I think it could last someone else another 5 years.
  15. briant_az

    Free to good home

    I have a horn hunter pack that I've used for years and I hate to just throw it away. Bag is in rough shape but still very functional and I feel like someone may be able to get some use out of it. All zippers still work. There may be some blood stains but nothing major. I've carried elk quarters and whole deer boned out in this pack. It wasn’t always the most comfortable, but it worked. Please let me know if you or someone you know needs a starter pack.