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  1. briant_az

    Ranger vs General vs Razr

    I like it. Maybe I need to buy a welder and make one!
  2. briant_az

    Ranger vs General vs Razr

    Did someone build this rack for you?
  3. briant_az

    Where Can I Get Good Fireworks?

    @wildwoody I really need to move to a small town. You guys don’t even know what day of the week it is. I’m jealous!
  4. briant_az

    Ranger vs General vs Razr

    Where did you end up buying it?
  5. briant_az

    Ranger vs General vs Razr

    Last year I was trying to decide between the two also. I think I talked to Dave and he had nothing but good things to say about the Generals. The additional cost for the General was the only thing holding me back. I ultimately ended up buying a Ranger 1000. It has been a great machine so far and done everything I've needed it to. We ended up going this route because we have 2 young boys (9 months and 2 year old). We live on a county island and drive it through the neighborhood at least once a week. It was just easier to have the boys be able to sit in the front seat with us for those rides. If they were a couple years older, I would have bought the general. There has been a couple times that having room to fit 6 has come in handy. Whatever you end up with make sure to get a lift and call Ryan @ Iron City Polaris in Casa Grande. They got me the best price out the door. I ended up with a roof, lift, and a 4-year warranty cheaper than I could get just the machine from Ride Now or Four Seasons. One of my good friends has a RZR XP4 turbo and that thing is bad butt. I would never hunt out of it though. Its fast as can be, but loud. And listening to the intake on that thing all day would drive me nuts!
  6. briant_az

    Hide tanning

    I’m sure a local taxidermist will send it to the tannery for you. I’d be happy to send it in for you, but I am up in the valley.
  7. briant_az

    Skull cleaning

    @rossislider Drayson did a fantastic job on that buffalo! The kid definitely knows whats hes doing!
  8. briant_az

    Skull cleaning

    PROVINCIAL 211 If I ever have to touch up antlers this is the color I use. Seems to match really well with most antlers.
  9. briant_az


    Pictures added
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    Sent you a pm
  12. briant_az

    Remington 700 SPS 223

    sent you a PM
  13. briant_az

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    So there is some kind of grudge or agenda is what your saying?
  14. briant_az

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    So is that what this is about? You feel your brother got unjust treatment compared to him?
  15. briant_az

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    Did your brother lose his job as a firefighter?