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  1. briant_az

    WTS Nightforce NX8 4-32x50

    Dang wish this was FFP! These are awesome scopes! Glws
  2. briant_az

    New Addiction

    @savagman why don’t you take the fighting to a PM. This is just as bad as crapping on everyone’s post. No one wants to see you guys bicker in ever post on this forum.
  3. briant_az


    @joohnnybgood sent you a pm
  4. briant_az


    Gone thanks Joohnybgood
  5. briant_az

    6.5 PRC Hornady 143x ELD-X

    Good deal! Probably less that I paid for some from Sportsmans with tax
  6. briant_az

    **SOLD**Zero Tolerance Knife: Price Drop**SOLD**

    @ewilly Thank you for saving me some money! It's a great knife! I've been carrying one of them for almost 2 years. Thought about buying that one too because I like it so much.
  7. These are crazy machines! Wish I could shoot enough to justify buying something like that. glws
  8. briant_az

    Wtb large rifle magnum primers

    Do you happen to have any br2’s?
  9. briant_az

    Wtb walk in cooler

    @Azooutdoors can you send me a pm with your number again. I’m finally ready to do some insulation and I’d like to get a quote from you
  10. briant_az

    Optics Planet what a joke

    I should’ve know. My other guess was 215gr hybrids.
  11. briant_az

    Optics Planet what a joke

    Curious what the backorder was for. That's a long freaking time!
  12. briant_az

    NM Antelope

    Congrats on a great buck!
  13. briant_az

    WTB or WTT for 6.5 grendel brass

    Case gauge. Tells whether the case has been sized correctly or not.
  14. briant_az

    WTB or WTT for 6.5 grendel brass

    I’ve never even looked into the cost of it but assumed it would be cheap. Nosler brass is never cheap though!
  15. briant_az

    WTB or WTT for 6.5 grendel brass

    @Rubberduckie https://www.powdervalleyinc.com/product/nosler-6-5-grendel-50/ Not cheap but they have it in stock