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  1. 2 Full Curls

    Nice Rifles sold

    Serial number and barrel length on the 7mm?
  2. 2 Full Curls

    WTB: 2 person Backpacking Tent

    Please let me know what you have. Looking for built-in floor. Looking for stand alone pole structure that doesnt require treking poles. Want less than 5.5 lbs pack weight. Would be very interested in either Kuiu stormstar or mountain star. Thanks
  3. 2 Full Curls

    Congratulations to those that drew

    You can find a couple of these stories in Epic magazine. I really enjoyed reading them. Awesome stuff man.
  4. 2 Full Curls

    How long until cards are hit??

    Thanks for the reply. I called WF also and they said the same thing. Supposedly the charges are there and posted but not showing anywhere online. WF is killing me. Still going to be nervous until the tag shows up in the mail!. Thanks again
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    How long until cards are hit??

    Following up on this @Heat. Curious if your charges posted today? Im in the same boat. I had a sheep charge last week and it disappeared on Saturday.
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    Ill take the .300wm Barnes. Text inbound
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    Let's see ALL the cool stuff you've done with Javelina...

    Jack White did the first one of these that I ever saw back in the 70s for my uncle. @MogollonTaxidermy recreated it for me. Jack did the best pig rugs.
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    Another vote for heelers here. Very fair price.
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    10/30. Deeper curl below the jaw. Higher off the head. Wider gap between horn and face on the straight on view. More gap between tip of ear and horn on the profile view
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    WTB Cord Wood

    Looking to buy a few cords. Looking for juniper as a first preference, but open to others (oak, pecan, etc). Trying to find an alternative to the big wood lots. Please let me know if you, or anyone you know has some for sale. Based in the valley but willing to travel for pickup based on amount and price. Thank you 480-603- seven three two six
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    Input on new backpack multi day

    Short Answer: Stone Glacier and Kuiu Long Answer: Ive not run the Kifaru bags but will offer a review of a few others based my experience. I have bought and hunted with several models of Eberlestock, Outdoorsmans, Stone Glacier. I have been using the Stone Glacier (SG) Sky T 6900 for several years and really like the pack. It makes 75 lbs. feel like 40. Eberlestock and Outdoorsmans made 75 lbs feel like 100. Outdoorsmans packs are bullet proof. Drop it off a cliff and watch it float down a river and youll find it in one piece. But comfort and customer service made me switch. Eberlestock packs are good packs. The other member review here is a good one. They are just heavy. They felt good at home in the garage but 300 yards from the truck I was wishing I could drop weight. They have some of the best lumbar support of packs on the market and that can be important for some guys based on back conditions and fit. If I were to buy a new pack tomorrow Id go Kuiu. In the earlier years I was not a fan of the Kuiu packs. Some of that was me being recalcitrant to the Kuiu hype. Last year I bought my Dad (60 yrs old) a Kuiu pro system with two interchangeable bags off the same frame (which most manufacturers do now). My Dad has used Eberlestock for 10 plus years until this season. My Dad has a torn meniscus in his knee. He packed out 2 mulie quarters at the same time in his new Kuiu and said he could easily take more with no pain on the knee. I carried his pack under a meat load on the pack out to get a feel. It was great. Add Kuiu pro packs to the list of bags that make 75 lbs feel like 40. What I really like about the Kuiu bags are the amount of built in storage pockets (different than SG where I have to add pockets inside bags) and the extremely well thought out strap design. If you have ever messed with a SG bag youll know that there are more straps and buckles than a Friday night rodeo. It took me 90 seconds to break my Dads bag down, load quarters in the meat shelf and put the bag back together. The design is well thought out. It took me 15 minutes to do the same on my SG. Good luck with your purchase. A top end pack is worth its weight in gold when you are tired and trying to hump meat out of a canyon at 7 oclock at night. Post Script: Ive hiked out meat out with good friends running Mystery Ranch (i.e Pinter, etc) and they love those bags. I dont think you can go wrong with any of the top brands (SG, Mystery, Kuiu, Kifaru). Fit feel and design (just like boots) is what it should come down to based on your personal preferences.
  12. 2 Full Curls

    .280 Rem 700 Mt. Rifle -SOLD

    Price reduced