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  1. Pine Donkey

    Where am I

    Not in 22
  2. Pine Donkey

    Archery bull scouting

    Find the cows in July, you will find bulls in September
  3. Pine Donkey

    Elk Draw

    Just submitted both elk and antelope for wife and I, no problem.
  4. Pine Donkey

    Remember the 80s in Phoenix

  5. Pine Donkey

    Cold weather tent camping

    In the evening drink straight whiskey rather than beer, it will make for less trips outside during the night.
  6. Pine Donkey

    Way to go Amanda!!! Thank you

    This move of generosity is getting a lot of well deserved exposure. It is just the latest of years of dedication, conservation and service Amanda has given to the wildlife of our state. She is a class act, always working for wildlife.
  7. Pine Donkey

    ISO: Hornady 143 ELD-X 6.5 bullets

    I think I have some, can check this evening. What do you have to trade. Could really use some ELD-X .308, 200 gr.
  8. Pine Donkey

    Input wanted - Hunting with a 10 year old

    Lots of good information, I will restate some from my experiences: It all comes down to, ‘Make it about them, always’ Get them quality gear and clothing, not hand-me-downs Get them their own gun, that fits them. Have them practice target acquisition. This is an easy quick activity that can be done almost anywhere, even in t he living room at home. Practice shooting in different positions and distances. Let them take a shot that they are confident in, not the one you think they should be able to make. The size of the animal does not change their shooting ability. Make glassing a game and competition, let them find an animal and talk you into it. Get them quality, (but not stupid expensive) optics and tripod set up. Don’t discourage them by looking through blurry wal-mart optics to find the animal you found in your swaros. I like upper mid-level vortex for the warranty...kids drop a lot of stuff. Plan for mistakes and things to just not go your way. These can be frustrating if you let them, but can easily be a learning experience and will always be a memory. Make it a good one. Let them be kids, they have short attention spans, they are sometimes loud, they get bored, they eat a lot. While glassing let them do their own activity after they get bored, BB gun, hike a hill, climb a tree, play catch with a friend, or set out the archery target and let them shoot their bow. Use the back road, midday times to let them learn to drive. They are not tough yet, they will get cold easy, have extra layers available. Thick mittens are good right up to the time of the shot. For the pack out, let them take part, but don’t over load them. They will do this with pride. For the elk hunt, talk to the child about the fact that the season is timed so that the calf elk is ready to survive on their own. We have had many times, that while quartering and packing a cow, the calf shows up. Expect this to happen, and prep them. Have fun! With a 10 year old you may think you have lots of years of youth hunts ahead of you, it will fly by. Soon you will be inviting yourself on friends kid’s youth hunts because you miss it so much. Next you will be waiting for the grandkids to turn 10. As the song says, ‘don’t blink!’ Take lots of pictures, they are priceless. In our digital age, get them printed so you can pull them out and reminisce. As your kids become older, teenagers think they are adults, and have it all figured out. You as a parent will not always be their favorite. Hunting can be the safe space for both of you to retreat to; it is really something special. It is hard to overstate the importance of this point. Youth hunts have long been my favorite. I have been part of 40+ youth big game kills and each one of them has been special. Many of them were marked by opportunities missed on great animals, thing going wrong, or frustrating situations, but those feelings and memories quickly fade into the back ground as the good stuff becomes so prominent. Enjoy every minute, and post some pictures so we can enjoy your hunt a bit too.
  9. Pine Donkey

    Morels/Ginsing in AZ???

    Found a bunch in the Huachuca’s Easter weekend
  10. Pine Donkey

    New to Fort Huachuca / 35A

    Just get on the hills above the old officer’s row area. Take out an apple and drop it on the ground. This is a sound they know and will come running.
  11. Pine Donkey

    Where am I, 2 for 1

    Looks like Biglakejake and Catfishkev have it figured out. Dragoon RD, just before the town when traveling from I-10.
  12. Pine Donkey

    Where am I, 2 for 1

    Muledeerarea33 is correct. In the San Pedro River valley, near Cascabel, about 3 miles East of the River. I’ll let the dinosaur pic gather more guesses.
  13. Pine Donkey

    Where am I, 2 for 1

    Took a drive yesterday to get out of the house. Saw both of these, but they are not near each other, just a couple spots along our rambling drive. sorry got sideways pics # socialdistancing
  14. Pine Donkey

    N 95 mask

    Pm sent you are doing a great thing!