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  1. Great Bull, glad you stuck with him! I have shot Berger bullets for many years. I have witnessed the VLD blowup too. A friend shot a coues 6 times in the boiler room and finally finished off with another gun. Spin is so critical on the Berger’s. Too often, guys will develop a “long range” load for their older gun with a slower twist rate. These may shoot, but the bullet performance is a crap shoot. In our distance guns we use Berger hybrids and have had great success but we are spinning them really fast. Also, luck has apparently been on our side. For elk at closer ranges I like the Nosler partitions. They hit hard and mushroom well. However, just can’t get them to fly as the ranges stretch out.
  2. Pine Donkey

    Son got it done again.

    Awesome, quick hunt! Congratulations!
  3. Pine Donkey

    Quote of the Day

    Remember when you could go to the fair and pay to see a fat lady covered in tattoos? Now you can see it everyday at Wal-mart!
  4. Pine Donkey

    Quote of the Day

    When you die you feel no pain, it's those around you who suffer. Being stupid works the same way.
  5. Pine Donkey

    Father/Daughter Speedgoat Quest

    Great write-up, thanks for sharing!
  6. Pine Donkey

    What do you think this bull will score?

    Sorry guys, 295 is all he scores. Good angle, good setup, sitting behind the bull and picture taken from a lower point on the hillside. I am not a professional scorer, but I am competent and run an honest tape. We spend a lot of time staging our animals for a good picture. Not trying to fool anyone, just wanting to have a picture that is as special as the kill.
  7. Pine Donkey

    What do you think this bull will score?

    Similar to this bull. 295
  8. Pine Donkey

    Nutrioso question!

    This is the mile marker nearest that “marina”. ADOT got tired of the 420 sign being stolen.
  9. Pine Donkey

    Handyman Helper Needed Immediately

    I spend my life with today’s kids, almost daily. There is a lot truth in this post, but it paints all kids with the same broad brush. I know several who will bust their butts on any job available, but they are always busy working, not beating the street for a job. I also know a lot of entitled kids who are “too good” for that type of work. X-box and smart phones do play a role, but they are not a determining factor. Take a look at the parent...entitled parent, entitled child. Good luck Tony, hope you find someone soon. You might want to call the local high school, talk to a coach, or the front office lady, I bet they will send someone your way.
  10. Pine Donkey

    Spring in the Desert

    Another gift from Doug! Awesome!
  11. Pine Donkey

    What's your favorite CWT thread?

    “This Post is for the dogs” the post, with increadible response when Amanda got sick any kids hunting posts the iconic cornbagger ”where am I” posts
  12. Pine Donkey

    Arrow tree

    Had an uncle who lived in Springerville who would tell the story of how people began shooting arrows into that tree: In the 80’s much of the logging industry was being shut down due to the spotted owl. One afternoon a recently laid off worker from the sawmill was driving down 191 when he noticed a spotted owl perched on a branch of an old dead snag just off the road. He stopped, took out his bow and pinned the owl to the tree. Upon returning to town, he told others of his ounce of revenge. Soon a truckload of unemployed loggers was headed down the highway to see the small victory of logger over owl. They all shot an arrow or two at the hated bird, most missing, but sticking in the tree...and the rest is history. I will not vouch for the accuracy of this story or any others he told; but they all had a common thread, something in the woods got shot!
  13. Pine Donkey

    Arrow tree

    That tree holds a lot of memories for generations of archers that travel through that part of state. Some friends who put arrows in that tree are no longer with us, others are getting pretty grey, yet others who were just kids are now taking their kids hunting. Every trip up or down 191 included stopping at the arrow tree. First arrow I put in the tree must have been late 80’s or early 90’s. When my son was finally able to pull back a compound he couldn’t wait to put an arrow in the arrow tree. Not sure how or when the tradition of shooting the arrow tree started, but it seems like it’s always been a thing. Good memories, good friends, sad to see it fall but life moves on.
  14. Pine Donkey

    Backpack stolen from truck

    Great story! Good guy has stuff stolen, great members of CWT offer their stuff asking nothing in return, hobo finds his conscience, good guy gets his stuff back. This is a great story on a great web site! Brian, be sure to post some pics of those kids smiling behind a stink pig!