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  1. Pine Donkey

    Morels/Ginsing in AZ???

    Found a bunch in the Huachuca’s Easter weekend
  2. Pine Donkey

    New to Fort Huachuca / 35A

    Just get on the hills above the old officer’s row area. Take out an apple and drop it on the ground. This is a sound they know and will come running.
  3. Pine Donkey

    Where am I, 2 for 1

    Looks like Biglakejake and Catfishkev have it figured out. Dragoon RD, just before the town when traveling from I-10.
  4. Pine Donkey

    Where am I, 2 for 1

    Muledeerarea33 is correct. In the San Pedro River valley, near Cascabel, about 3 miles East of the River. I’ll let the dinosaur pic gather more guesses.
  5. Pine Donkey

    Where am I, 2 for 1

    Took a drive yesterday to get out of the house. Saw both of these, but they are not near each other, just a couple spots along our rambling drive. sorry got sideways pics # socialdistancing
  6. Pine Donkey

    N 95 mask

    Pm sent you are doing a great thing!
  7. Pine Donkey

    N 95 mask

    Awesome that you are doing this! sent you a pm
  8. Pine Donkey

    Your First Big Game Rifle?

    Ruger M77 in .270. Parents bought it for me at Jensen’s in Tucson in 1979. 4X Bushnell scope; I was living the life!
  9. Pine Donkey

    Where am I 2/15/20

    You are correct! South of Freeman Rd, off the 79.
  10. Pine Donkey

    Where am I 2/15/20

    Here is another view.
  11. Pine Donkey

    Where am I 2/15/20

    Not in the Congress area.
  12. Pine Donkey

    Where am I 2/15/20

    That’s what I was thinking. Near a water source, and concrete all the way around.
  13. Pine Donkey

    Where am I 2/15/20

    Camping in a new part of the state. Found this, looks like some type of storage shed, largely in ground.
  14. Pine Donkey


    This is not about sitting water, game cameras or even ranchers. This is just another step in a well planned anti hunting agenda of divide and conquer. Remember the elimination of bear baiting, leghold traps, hunting over feed? This is just another step, and there are more to come. In addition to these, watch out for bills on: lion hunting, bear hunting, magazine size, distance limitations, electronics, optics and the list goes on. Hunters need to support all legal hunting rather that allowing it to be taken away because it is not “your” type of hunting.
  15. Pine Donkey

    Strange things found while out hunting.....

    Glasses up a guy making a yoga video from a remote hilltop at sunrise.